My Slots Rewards

Players at Slots.LV Casino are excited by the changes that the casino has made in the casino's My Slots Rewards program that gives players points simply for playing their favorite games. The points can then be redeemed for bonuses, cash for more play or players can let the total point build and reach higher levels in the program. Best of all, players at no longer lose the level of status they have obtained when redeeming their points.

Joining My Slots Rewards Is Easy

Players do not need to do anything in order to get the benefits of My Slots Rewards; they are instantly added to the program when they register to play at the casino and begin collecting points with their first deposit and spin of the reels. As soon as a player registers they can begin to enjoy all the bonuses and other promotions in My Slots Rewards and there are plenty of ways for players to take advantage of their membership in this exciting club.

A Multitude Of Ways To Use A My Slots Rewards

Players at have many great options when using the points they have accrued by simply playing at the casino; they may trade points in for bankroll that can be used at the casino or redeem them for great bonus offers at the casino. Players can also let the points build up in their My Slots Rewards and achieve higher levels in the program that can offer even more and better rewards than the lower levels have to offer.

Players Do Not Lose Attained Levels

Slot spinners at who do choose to let the points build up in an account no longer have to worry about losing the levels that they have attained when they finally choose to use the points for one of the many great opportunities that they offer. A player's status is locked in when they attain a new level of rewards; even if a player chooses to not visit the casino for any length of time, the status will remain where it was when the player last played at the casino.

Visit For Information On This Great Rewards Program

Players can get more information by visiting the casino; players who already have accounts will find a rewards portal that can give them the information they need. New players can also find out what the casino has to offer them just by visiting. is determined to give players at the casino the best experience possible and the new My Slots Rewards is a part of that.