Bovada Casino Leaderboards

Online bettors who like a little competition in their online wagering may want to head over to Bovada Casino and take a look at the casino's new Leaderboard promotions. Bovado Leaderboards have been created to give players yet another reason to wager at the casino; Bovada is offering prizes via short points style tournaments in games such as Blackjack and the slot titles A Night With Cleo Slots and Fast and Sexy. These Leaderboard competitions award cash prizes based on a point system that can net online bettors a little extra cash in their bankrolls just for playing.

Joining In The Fun Is Easy

Players wishing to play on the Bovada Leaderboards will need to go to the Bovada website or download the Leaderboard app; after a quick registration process, players may then search for scheduled tournaments. Once a player finds a Leaderboard they wish to compete for, the bettor will need to click on the Launch button to start play. During the course of play, the bettor will receive points just for playing the game and at the end of the competition, the players with the most points may receive a cash bankroll prize. Bettors will find a comprehensive list of upcoming events and the prizes available just by checking the schedule listing and on a particlular competition by clicking on the View Prizes in the Leadership tool.

Keeping Track Of The Rankings

As said before, a player receives points during their play in a specific Leaderboard event; it can be important for players to track their progress on the Leaderboad. No players want to finish out of the money, especially when there was no need to; checking the rankings can keep a bettor on track to finish with one of the prizes. Most competitions payout for the top three places but there are exceptions. There may also be additional requirements to qualify for the bonus cash, including a minimum number of spins on slot titles or hands played at a table game. Those wishing to see the conditions before joining a Leaderboard competition need only to click on the details button for the individual event that the bettor wishes to play. Rankings will remain available to players for 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.

A New And Fun Way To Play For Bettors

Most casinos only offer competition between the player and the slot or table game; at Bovada Casino, players can also compete against each other for cash prizes. and in some cases, bragging rights. Playing the Leaderboards does not require an additional wager, only the monies that would be wagered under more traditional betting. The size of the bets and the number of wagers has a direct link with the number of points awarded. The Leaderboards at Bovada Casino are a new way for online bettors to enjoy a little competition with a group of fellow players; may the best player win.