My Casino Coupons

Just like people who prefer to buy with a discount whether it be food, necessities or electronics, casino players like to save money when they play at an online casino; Jackpot Capital Casino is now offering to their registered players who have played in the past 90 days a chance to save some money on their gaming session. My casino coupons are a great way for players to stretch their betting dollar by augmenting it with opportunities for deposit bonuses, free spins and more.

Finding the Coupons On Site

Registered players who meet the qualifications for the coupons will find them in the promotions section of the casino, the casino not awards the coupons, but also keeps them organized on the website so that players can pick one they want to use it without having to dig through the casino's other promotion. The promotional coupons refresh every hour at the casino giving players a chance at a bonus they may have never seen.

Coupons Provide Information to Bettors

Each casino coupon is categorized and described in great detail for ease of use; the descriptions of the coupons are detailed to avoid any misunderstandings between the casino and the player. Bettors will find the value of the bonus, the title of the bonus and what type of bonus does the coupon provide. Under the value, name and type, players will find the coupon code, the playthrough requirements and information on when the coupon is valid.

The Requirements That Will Qualify a Player To Receive the Coupons

Players will need to have played at the casino within the last 90 days to qualify for the coupon promotion; my Coupons supports all of the coupons that are received from Jackpot Capital Casino. Bettors are only allowed to have one active coupon at any one time. The next coupon cannot be redeemed until the playthrough and any other requirements for the coupon that is currently active. The availability of the coupons is based on coupon code availability.

Save Money And Play Longer

Using the new coupons at Jackpot slots may help players play longer and expand the possibility of hitting on a really big payout. Coupons have been saving people money for generations and in the technological age, most would assume that the time for the popularity of the coupon is over but it is not. The promotions department did a great job in creating and establishing this unique casino bonus promotion.