Bonus Possibilities

Bonuses in three-reel slot games? Can that be right? Well, yes it can… some of these games do include bonuses you can try and unlock while you play. They don’t appear in all the games, but some of them give you the chance to score an instant win in a different round.

Here, we explore more about these bonuses, so you know what to expect.

Wild multipliers

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a bonus, but it’s not guaranteed to appear in any three-reel game. That makes it a bonus when it does appear, right?

Many three-reel slots only give you a standard wild. It replaces everything else but doesn’t offer anything beyond that. However, some slots give you a multiplier wild. It may come with a standard multiplier like x3. Conversely, there may be multipliers that vary depending on whether one or two wilds appear in a winning combination. If they multiply by each other, big bonus wins are possible.

Simple pick me games

This is the type of bonus you are most likely to see in three-reel slot games. It will reveal another screen when you trigger it. You will usually see a selection of items that are related to the theme of the game. You can choose one or more depending on the rules. In some cases, you can carry on choosing until you hit the end or collect message. Check the paytable and it should tell you how the game is played.

You may only need one bonus icon to trigger the feature

That’s great news, isn’t it? Check the paytable for relevant info on this. Some games require the bonus icon to appear in every spot on the payline to trigger it. Others only require it to appear once, usually on the third reel for some reason.

Obviously, the odds of triggering the bonus probably won’t vary much between games, regardless of how it is triggered. However, it is good to watch out for the bonus icon to appear. While the bonus won’t take long to complete, as per the section above, it is nice to know there is something different to play for.

Bonuses can be more varied in these slots than some players imagine. If you are ready to enjoy a three-reel slot with something more to offer, check out these games today to find out more about them.