Bovada Casino to Bring Back Poker Room

The online poker room at Bovada Casino was loved by many players when it was closed more than one year ago. However, the poker room is set to return, and it will welcome gamblers from several countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the United States. Undocumented rumors suggest that Bovada may at some point tackle the controversial Australian market, although no gaming news outlets have suggested a time frame for such an action.

After closing, Bovada transferred all aspects of poker play to Ignition Casino; with the same software and players, Ignition basically became a new name attached to an existing group of dedicated gamers. Players familiar with the Bodog Casino Poker Network will recognize the group’s style, although a recent transition has left the group with a new name, PaiWangLuo.

More Information on the Return of Bovada Poker

Some gamers were undoubtedly surprised to learn that Bovada Poker will accept players from the United States, and rightfully so; however, those gamblers from Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey will be unable to register because those states allow online poker and have regulatory measures that must be met in order for residents to play at any given site. While there is no official word yet, Bovada may also prohibit players from Maryland from registering because so many recent online poker issues originated from the state.

The Details Behind the Re-launch

The U.S. Department of Justice took offense with some of the actions of one Calvin Casino Ayre, which may have caused the closure and subsequent transfer of poker activities to Ignition; most are speculating that whatever problems Ayre caused in the past have been resolved. Bovada Casino and its sportsbook remained open even after the poker room’s closure.

Regardless of why or how Bovada’s poker room happened to get the green light to re-open, there are a whole lot of players who are incredibly excited at the prospect. While the idea that the return of Bovada Poker rests solely on out the outcome of Ayre’s resolution with the Justice Department may be a little too sweeping, whatever caused the change is most welcome by gamblers. Once the poker room is again available to those who love the game, gamblers will be able to combine all of their poker, sports and casino betting into one website again, and that is definitely one way to make online wagering even more exciting and convenient.