Drake Casino Offering a Significantly Expanded Welcome Bonus

Drake Casino has announced a redesigned and expanded welcome bonus that can now be worth a total of $6,000 in extra gaming bankroll. While the max total has increased, this new welcome bonus is actually geared toward those who deposit smaller amounts. Drake Casino is changing a great deal in the promotions department, and the welcome bonus represents the biggest piece of that change.

Three Deposits Instead of One

The largest change to the welcome bonus at Drake is that it now encompasses a player's first three deposits at the casino. Each of the first three deposits are eligible for a 300 percent match; these are worth up to $2,000 a piece, for a possible $6,000 in free casino play.

A Better Bonus for the Smaller Bettors

While small and moderate players may fee left out when they look at the large numbers that are the bonus maximums and wish that they could devote that type of money to their casino play, the new setup is actually more in tune with their budget. By spreading the bonus over three deposits, it gives small depositors a chance to take advantage of the bonus all three times instead of just once. For instance, a player who can deposit only $100 at a time will see a total bonus value of $300 over his or her first three deposits rather than just an extra $100 from a single-deposit bonus.

Red Diamond VIP Level

All new players at Drake Casino are automatically enrolled in the VIP program at the Red Diamond level, which gives players a 100 percent match for life. As gamblers move up in levels, they can take advantage of bigger bonuses and more exciting promotions. Drake players also receive weekly and seasonal bonuses that can be found by signing up for the casino's weekly e-newsletter.

More Options at Drake Casino

Online casino gamblers will be pleased to know that many favorite promotions will remain a part of the casino's regular promotional line up. For example, gamers can still look forward to cashing in on the Facebook and Twitter promotions, the Rewards Game of the Month, Monday Spins and the casino's weekly rebate. However, bettors may find even more promotions, as Drake is a casino known for offer customers an excellent selection of bonuses at any given time.

Drake Offers Great Games, Too

While many readers are ready to begin frequenting Drake for its exceptional promotions department alone, it is also important to mention that the casino is a well-respected business in the industry and has long-established itself as a place for many types of online bettors. With a full complement of games that extends to includes a vast selection of slots from a wide range of developers, many table games and specialty play such as Keno and video poker, Drake Casino remains a great choice for online players.