MuchBetter Casinos

While online casino deposits are safer today than they have been at any point in history, some gamblers still find themselves concerned with the process. However, players searching for even more security in casino banking can turn to the convenient payment service, MuchBetter. Created to meet the collective needs of the online casino gaming community, MuchBetter is a gamechanger.

A Different Approach for a New Generation

Online casino players who are just coming of age grew up with technology at their fingertips. Today's youngest bettors are far more familiar with smartphone and payment apps than they are with desktop computers and credit cards, which means their approach to real money play looks very different than it did just 20 years ago. The founders of MuchBetter realized that young players preferred to streamline casino funding, and the new approach to payment processing was born.

An Impressive Array of Stats

Founded in 2017, MuchBetter took its first steps toward greatness early on. Quickly rising in popularity among casino customers, MuchBetter proudly boasts 150,000 regular users, appears as a payment option on more than 120 websites, and is currently available in more than 180 countries. MuchBetter has also received several distinguished awards, including two separating it as a "Rising Star" and as the "Innovation of the Year." Unapologetically improving payment processing without the drastic price increases operators typically encounter, MuchBetter is rewriting the rulebook in an industry that has long used the same practices.

Improving Every Five Seconds

One of the most intriguing facts about MuchBetter is that it processes a payment every five second seconds. To provide a bit of perspective, the average reader has reached this point in the article about 65 seconds or 13 processed payments via MuchBetter. In fact, in the first year alone, MuchBetter issued 40,000 contactless payment devices and 10,000 contactless MasterCards. Relatively young in terms of time but already gaining experience rapidly, MuchBetter is one company that both players and casino operators will want to keep an eye on.

Putting Convenience and Security to Work

While MuchBetter has an impressive array of stats to back it up, those numbers mean little to players who don't know how to use the service to fund their online casino accounts. Like every payment method at a player's preferred casino, MuchBetter will appear on the list of banking options if it's available for deposits. Free to use for players, depositors need only select the method and follow the instructions to process their payment. Gamblers can look forward to getting in on their favorite games without the hassles whenever they pay with MuchBetter, and they'll never have to worry about remembering multiple login details. Instead, choosing the e-wallet will allow users to pay securely using any funding source they've linked with their MuchBetter account.

Available Almost Everywhere

MuchBetter is available to users in nearly every country in the world, with a few notable exclusions. Several countries in the Middle East, Asia, and South America cannot access the service, and gamblers in the United States will need to choose another option when funding their casino accounts.

Play for Real Money at MuchBetter Casinos

When players are ready to deposit at a participating casino, they can look forward to the convenience and security of MuchBetter payment processing. Regardless of where gamblers choose to wager, they can do so without revealing credit card numbers or other sensitive data. Get started today to streamline casino funding, enhance your privacy, and get in on some of today's hottest games.