Unusual Arrows Edge Slots

Have you given any Arrows Edge slots a try yet? While not the best-known among slot game developers, Arrows Edge does offer you the chance to play some innovative games. They all have a certain look to them – they’re all in 2D but you will enjoy most of the themes on offer here.

We found it hard to choose three of the more unusual games they can offer, but we think we have come up with some good ones here. Try these for size.

Arcade Fortunes

Will you play as Jason or Katie? That is the first question to answer when you load Arcade Fortunes Slots. Your chosen character will appear next to the arcade games in this Eighties-themed slot. The design is very good and replicates that decade very well.

Our favorite touches are the bubblegum sticky wild and the bonus scatter symbol. Both these elements should keep you engaged for a good while.

Days of Our Slots

The title is a giveaway to the theme, which seems to be based on a daytime soap opera. Maybe it sounded familiar! Various characters are introduced as you play. However, baby Emma is the one to watch for as she will grant you some free spins whenever you get three or more babies.

This isn’t just any free spins feature though. First, a Masquerade Slots ball is attended, where you must choose from various masks to see who is hiding behind them. Once you complete the choice, the free spins and discovered multiplier are granted.

World Leaders

We just had to choose this one. What other slot game can you think of that has rather accurate depictions of certain World Leaders Slots? Politics is an unusual theme for a slot, but it is used beautifully here.

There are three jackpots on offer, alongside the chance to benefit from three separate wilds. You must stop the globe from spinning to begin, so you can discover your first wild. Watch for the red phone too – the Find Your Ally bonus is a great game, very different, and lots of fun too.

Who knew soap operas, politics, and the Eighties would prove to be so much fun? This software developer clearly did, and Arrows Edge has done a fine job of delivering some entertaining slot games that are going to be a lot of fun when you begin to play them.