World Leaders Slots

As people around the world head out to vote, Arrow’s Edge, a top gaming engine in the online casino industry, has worked hard to win your vote with “World Leaders,” where politics is the name of the game, and politics is the money.

About World Leaders

This colorful, animated slot, comes with 5 reels along with 18 pay lines. The game play takes place in the middle of parliament. All the game symbols reflect the political theme, and highly resemble notable political figures. The wild symbol in this game is represented by not just one, but three, and they include, the crown for Britain, the eagle for The United States, and the bear for Russia. Each one of these wilds offers their own unique bonus.

“World Leaders” guarantees its members to get into the bonus round. After every 25 free spins, one of the three wilds will get activated, by the spinning of the globe. Where you pick it to stop depends on which wild you will play with. Landing the British Wild will have this icon duplicate itself on the reels, providing dramatic winning opportunities. The Russian Wild offers free spins, and it will even shift along the reels. The American wild can expand into multiple patterns along the reels, offering additional winning combinations.

About The Bonus Round

When you land three or more scatter symbols, players will be taken to an additional screen that contains twelve phones along with 4 world leaders. Depending on the leader that is called, your cash and prize amounts will be determined. This bonus round ends when you call one of these leaders three times.

“World Leaders” doesn’t come with just one progressive jackpot, but three, all of which can won at complete random. The first jackpot is the Super Slots Jackpot, which will hit when it reaches between $40,000 to $45,000. The second jackpot is The Cash Grab Jackpot, which will hit anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000. The third jackpot is the mystery jackpot which becomes available when it reaches $10,000.

Regardless of your political affiliation, “World Leaders” is a slot that weaves all the political intrigue with money. This slot is powered by Arrow’s Edge to be played either instantly online on your personal computer, or right in the palm of your hand, on your preferred mobile device.