8-Tier Perks Program Now Available at Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino recently launched its Perks Program, which offers online casino players the chance to cash in on special offers, cash back on losses and much more. This exciting new rewards programs also features eight tiers, and each offers better advantages than the last. Cafe Casino has set itself apart from many other online casinos by allowing members to retain their Perks status for life, without the added hassle of making sure they deposit, play and earn additional Perks points within a preset timeframe.

Perks Levels and Benefits

  • Newly enrolled Perks players will begin at level one, which offers 10 percent cash back and they will receive $1.00 for earning 2,500 points. Level two is attained after players earn 2,500 points; at this level gamers can look forward to earning $1.00 for every 2,250 points, and they will receive 11 percent cash back on losses.
  • Level three can be reached by earning 10,000 points, and players will earn 12 percent cash back on losses and receive $1.00 for every 2,000 points earned. Those who hit 60,000 points will reach level four, where they will receive 13 percent cash back and $1.00 for every 1,750 points earned.
  • Level five is achieved at 250,000 points and provides players with $1.00 for every 1,500 points earned; the cash back rate on losses is 14 percent at this level. Those with at least 1,000,000 points will reach level six, where players earn $1.00 for every 1,250 points, and these individuals will receive 15 percent cash back on their losses.
  • Level seven provides players with $1.00 for every 1,000 points earned and 16 percent cash back on losses; 2,500,000 points are required to reach this level. The final Perks tier, level eight, is available at 5,000,000 points, offers 18 percent cash back on losses and $1.00 for every 1,000 points.

How to Earn Perks Points

Players wondering how to earn points in the Cafe Casino Perks Program simply have to play their favorite games to get started. Table game and video poker players will receive one point for every $1.00 wagered on their account. Those who play slot games will receive five perks points for every $1.00 wagered, and specialty game enthusiasts will receive 15 perks points per $1.00 wagered. Earning points is simple, and players never have to worry about losing what they have earned because once they reach a level, it is theirs to keep forever.

Join the Fun at Cafe Casino

The extras come quickly for new Perks players, and registering, depositing and playing is all that gamblers have to do to get started. Head to Cafe Casino today for your chance to cash in on the entertainment and special benefits offered to those who dare to wager.