Metal Casino Signs Rock Legend Ozzy Osbourne

The recently created online gambling site for metal heads, Metal Casino, scored a coup when they brought Ozzy Osbourne on board as a celebrity spokesperson for the new brand. In addition to signing on with the casino, Ozzy decided he had enough faith in the venture and became a part owner in the company. Both sides are intensely excited and online casino playing metal heads are the big winners in this project.

The First Hardcore Casino

Metal Casino touts itself as the best online betting option for metal heads that like to wager on the web. The site, that just launched in August, offers players a chance to spin some of the edgiest games available and gives bettors a chance to win band merchandise, concert tickets, backstage access and more to some of the biggest names in heavy metal music. The casino will also carry titles with large progressive jackpots and are looking forward to the big winners that the casino will see.

The Godfather of Metal

Ozzy Osborne and his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted band Black Sabbath are considered a major early influence in the creation of the heavy metal genre with albums like Black Sabbath and Paranoid. The band was named “The Greatest Metal Band of All Time” by Mtv. Ozzy followed up his Black Sabbath experience with a highly successful solo career songs like Crazy Train and Bark at the Moon; Ozzy has sold over 100 million albums and received three Grammy awards.

Ozzie Excited About Metal Casino

The Prince of Darkness is very enthusiastic about his involvement with the new online gaming site and was taken in by the fact that the casino’s creators are true metal heads. “The guys at Metal Casino told me that their brand was all about being true, relevant and dedicated to the customer and that really resonated with me.” Ozzy also said “To me, that translated as keeping it real, keeping it original and doing it all for your fans and that’s all I’ve been trying to do my whole [expletive] life.

Casino Creators in Awe of the Metal Legend

The creators of Metal Casino are even more excited that the rock god himself. Clas Dahlen, Chief Marketing Officer at Metal Casino said, “Ozzy Osbourne is a legend and now he’s a partner with Metal Casino. As far as we’re concerned, this is the biggest sponsorship deal in the world and we are still in awe that our all-time hero is on board with the project. But the most important thing is, when we started Metal Casino, we knew it had to be more than just a casino but a platform for a global community of metalheads and casino lovers to share their passion. With Ozzy’s help we’re going to make this happen.” Many in the industry feel that Metal Casino and Ozzy Osbourne were a match made, ironically enough, in heaven. .