Love Bugs Slots

Love Bugs Slots

Long-time online slot players know that judging a book by its cover can mean the loss of an opportunity with a game that much more to offer than what can be gleaned from a quick look. Wager Gaming title, Love Bugs Slots, has what many would say is a cute theme, and judging this game after only looking at the thumbnails could be a very large mistake; Love Bugs Slots is very playable and a great choice for those who like games that have large free spin potential. Love Bugs could offer players a significant amount of free games on any spin of the reels.

Pink and Basic Graphics

Love Bugs stays true to its theme as the icons do very well in representing the charm of the title; the actual drawing and rendering of the symbols is very basic and can sometimes look cartoonish; however, the symbols and color scheme are somehow perfect. The symbols are representative of dating and include a bottle of wine, boxes of candy, flowers and even a diamond engagement ring. The heart with the arrow is the scatter symbol and the two love Bugs on reels one and five are the wilds and can replace any symbol on the reels except the scatter icons.

Bugs worth Betting On

With a large range of coin sizes, all bettors, no matter their bankroll, habits or strategies will find Love Bugs Slots very playable. The game limits a wager of one coin per payline as a betting option but coin sizes begin at $0.01 and top out at $100 chips. That gives players who bet on all 20 lines of the game a differential of $0.20 to $2,000 a spin. Two Thousand dollars a spin is serious betting and the game deserves a bit of respect for this alone; it is not the only asset that makes this game special, however.

Huge Potential with Free Games and Scatters

Those who enjoy slot titles with the potential for a large number of free spins are the players who should truly give this game a more serious look before moving on to a different selection. When the Love Bugs and Lady Bugs are on the first and fifth reels, it triggers the bonus feature; as a boat floats through a cartoon Venice, prizes fall from four bridges. The prizes can be cash amounts, 2X multipliers and the necklaces that fall are worth 10 spins each; a bettor who catches necklaces from all four bridges will earn 40 free games. The scatter does not award free spins but instead pays one coin for two scatter symbols, four coins for three scatters, four scatters win 10 coins and five scatter symbols will net 100 coins.

Looking Past a Theme

Many bettors lose out on games with great potential for free spins, bonus games or just overall playability; sometimes it is worth it to look a little closer at an option and not just dismiss it out of hand. Some will like the brightly colored theme about romance, love and dating; in the end, the look of the slot has little to do with the outcome of the game play. With up to 40 free games in the bonus feature and a paying scatter, Love Bugs Slots has the potential to be a surefire winner.