Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Developer Betsoft has long been considered one of the leaders in the online slot industry and the release of Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots only re-enforces that perception of the company that is known for high quality and innovation. Sugar Pop 2 is the sequel to the popular online slot title Sugar Pop and like the original, is based on the math three games that have become popular on mobile devices. Many in the industry considered the original to be pushing the limits of the online slot development; the new title actually almost makes the first game feel quaint.

More To See With Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped

Betsoft has expanded the board for Sugar Pop 2 and a 7 by 7 board replaces the 5 by 5 of the original title. The basic play symbols still resemble hard candies in many shapes and sizes; pink teardrops, purple hexagons, orange oblongs, yellow squares, green spheres, blue triangles and red hearts. As punters level up in this game, they will find many bonus symbols along the way; gumdrops, caramels, candy canes, lollipops, fizzy pop candy, jelly bean cannon, morphing golden wilds and the Sweet Hammer. These symbols have special properties to help bettors score the big win; these bonus symbols are placed on the reels in an egg of rainbow colors that breaks open to reveal the bonus. The candy with FS on it is the symbol that unlocks the free spins, the purple and orange symbol helps players to level and the Candy Bomb is chocolate with a fuse; Candy Wild can substitute for any of the seven basic paying symbols but none of the special bonuses, the Level Up Candy, Candy Bomb or the Free Spin candy.

An Easy Flat Wager System Keeps The Candy Coming

Sugar Pop 2 is a cluster pay game that also has the popular collapsing board that refills after the winning lines have exploded. Because of this, there are no paylines to wager and bettors only need to choose a bet amount for their spins. The cost of spinning these reels starts at $0.50 and can be as high as $25; the minimum is a bit higher than some titles but this is still a great value when you consider the amount bonus features the game holds. \

Calorie Free Treats That Can Bring A Big Pay Day

Sugar Pop 2 may have the largest amount of bonus features of any online slot and is the most extensive bonus material that this reviewer has ever seen. The Candy Bomb is triggered when five or more wins occur on a single play; the bomb has the ability to clear 6 to 20 symbols on the board.The Level Up symbols help bettors climb up the levels of the slot and open the many special bonuses. The eight special bonus symbols can clear large amounts of the board, clear random symbols, take out all the symbols of one color and shuffle the entire playing board. The games free spins are awarded by a cluster of the FS symbols on the board; four of the symbols will get bettors five free spin and the number of free spins increases based on the number of Free Spin icons that are in the cluster.

BetSoft Does It Again With Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped

Betsoft has yet again created a slot title that offers exciting gameplay and new innovations in the industry. While the bright colors and the complexity of the bonus features may seem to much for some slot spinners but it should not keep them from the potential that all those special features give this title and the amount of cash that can be won on this title. Sugar Pop 2 was worth the wait and has surpassed its predecessor upon its release; who knows what the minds at Betsoft will think of next.