T-Rex II Slots

Many people as children find dinosaurs fascinating and grow up to become scientists and archeologists; those that do not can dig up their own dinosaur treasure playing T Rex II Slots. T-Rex II is the sequel to the popular RTG slot title of the same name and features five reels, 25 paylines and multiple bonus game opportunities,including a progressive jackpot that can be randomly awarded at the end of each spin of the reels. Players who dig into T Rex II Slots won’t find any fossils but they will have a chance to unearth a large amount of cash,.

Lush Graphics Create a Bright Prehistoric Vision

The cutting edge graphics give T Rex II a brighter and more modern look than the original, especially when the namesake of the game appears to be jumping right out of the icon and into the bettors lap. There are a total of four different dragons that appear on the reel including Edmontonia, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and the aforementioned Tyrannosaurus. The appearance of the slot title is rounded out with prehistoric plants, volcanos and a nine to ace symbol set for the smaller wins on the pay table. The dinosaur eggs can land anywhere on the reels and trigger the free spins feature and more, while the Tyrannosaurus is the wild icon that can replace any other symbol except the dinosaur eggs.

A Betting System so Simple a Caveman Could Use It

T Rex II Slots features 25 paylines that can be wagered and like most other titles it is best to wager all 25 paylines, even if it means using a smaller coin size. Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $5 and a limit of one coin per payline makes the maximum single spin wager $125, making T Rex II a great choice for all but the biggest bettors. While all paylines must be wagered,there is no minimum bet required to be awarded the progressive jackpot, making this a great game for penny players looking for a big win.

T Rex Terror Wild with Multiplier and Free Spins

Wilds can appear on any or all of the five reels of T Rex II Slots but when one or more land on the first reel, it triggers the T Rex Terror Wild Feature. When the feature is triggered, the wild or wilds in the first reel can and may choose to consume and replace any of the other dinosaurs on the reels. As an added bonus, all Tyrannosaurus wild symbols come with a 2x multiplier that doubles all wins that contain a wild symbol. The dinosaur egg scatter symbols award 10, 20 or 100 free spins, depending on the number of eggs present on the reels. All free spins have the potential to trigger the T Rex Wild feature and also retrigger more free games. The progressive jackpot is randomly awarded at the conclusion of each paid wager spin.

A Beast of a Wild Feature and More

T Rex II is the type of slot that can ratchet up the excitement on every spin of the reels with a wild that not only awards a 2x multiplier but also has the ability to multiply itself on the reels when the conditions are right. The title can also award up to 100 free spins and retrigger another 100 free games and if and when that is done can award a very large progressive jackpot makes this slot one of the most exciting releases of the year. Just like in the movies, it is rare for a sequel to outpace the original but T Rex II Slots does just that. This is one of the titles that players should seek out and play for a chance at a very lucrative slot session.