The All New Buzzluck Casino

Buzzluck has been around for a while and is well known for it's innovative style and very cool look. It was one of those great sites that as soon as you hit the homepage it wasn't a case of "Should I sign up here?" It was more like "Wow, Where do I sign up!" Well folks, it just got even better! The whole US friendly casino has been revamped from the floor up and after having a sneak preview the very least we can say is...Impressive. The new site is yet to be released but we just wanted to let you know that it's on the way and give you a little info on what to expect. It's worth noting that it's not long ago since Buzzluck had a bit of a face lift but this time round it's a whole new ball game.

What to Expect from the New Buzzluck

The Buzzluck tech team have been working overtime on this one. The site already has that sophisticated look to it and soon with the ways things are going it gets even better. Better and easier navigation which means getting your your game is now even faster than it was. Their aim is to provide the easiest playing experience possible with features that mean the user can customize the way the lobby looks and feels, basically to a way that suits them best. There will be two views that the players can choose from and both have their benefits. The list view does exactly what it provides a list of all games and you simply click the play button next to the game you wish to play. However the tiled view is great as it lays the games out and gives snapshots of each giving you more of a visual reminder of the game to go along with the name. On either view you'll see a star next to each game, and much like adding your favorite websites to you 'favorites' you do the same at new Buzzluck. This means then, that when you click on the star in the main navigation bar you will get a list of your favorite games! It's like having your very own personalized casino! You can switch between views too so check them both out before deciding which one is for you. You'll also notice that the top navigation bar has changed and will incorporate various useful links to different parts of the lobby, such as support, promotions and your favorites. Your balance will also show in a large clearer section along with the cashier button. All of this sounds awesome and we've been informed that it won't be long until it's all released. We will of course bring you news of that and until then surely Buzzluck as it is, is good enough for the moment!