Basic Instinct Slots

Slot players who are fans of the 1992 movie will be pleased to know that slot developer Isoftbet has released a slot title based on the movie that is considered a classic of the 90s. The 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win also offers three bonus games and a progressive jackpot has more than enough content to keep most players spinning the reels regardless of their thoughts about the film it is based upon.

Starring Sharon Stone

This slot is based on the famous club scene of the movie and forgoes the more violent rabbit scene or the highly sexual interrogation scenes that the movie is famously known for, giving players who are queasy about either scene no reason to avoid this slot title. Players will find symbols that fit the movie on the reels such as a handgun, handcuffs, ice pick, police badge and sports car; the 10 through Ace playing cards are done in a well matching gun metal gray stainless steel. There are also three separate stacked wild icons that portray the leading lady in three different scenes of the movie that not only replace other symbols but also trigger the titles three bonus games.

243 Ways to Win Allows for Simple Betting

The title's flat betting system makes choosing a wager amount quick and gets players to the action in a relatively short period of time but the betting structure does have a drawback. With a minimum wager of $0.50 and a max wager of $500, Basic Instinct Slots is not the game for penny players and others who are trying to stretch a limited bankroll. This game is a much better fit for big bettors and those with large bankrolls.

Multiple Bonus Games with Stacked Wilds

The game features three different stacked wilds of three sections each that not only can be used to replace symbols in winning combinations but can also trigger the title's three exciting bonus games. None of the wilds can replace another wild and all three segments of a wild must be showing on a single reel to trigger the bonus games. The Wild Drop bonus drops the stacked wild one spot down the reel it inhabits until the wild symbol completely disappears out the bottom of the reels; this symbol can be found on the first, third and fifth reels of the game. Free Spins Wild triggers the games free spins bonus round and is found only on the third reel of the slot title. The Bonus Wild symbol triggers a bonus game that lets players choose between 12 boxes collecting cash prizes until either the gun that awards the progressive jackpot is found or the handcuffs that end the bonus are discovered.

A Well Designed Slot Experience

Slot titles that are based on famous pop culture entertainment should be able to stand by themselves without the licensed content and Basic Instinct Slots does just that. The game's three different bonus games and progressive jackpot give this game enough material to lure in players who are not fans of the movie. Basic Instinct Slots is a great choice for most slot spinners looking for a title with bonus content and a progressive jackpot.