Busted Slots

The childhood game of cops and robbers takes on a whole new meaning when gamblers spin the reels in Busted Slots. Offering a great, arcade-style game screen, the option of betting as the cop or the robber and a fantastic bonus round, Busted Slots is certainly one title that players won’t want to miss their chance to play.

Wagering Choices for Every Gamer

The 5-reel, 17-payline Busted Slots offers a wide range of betting options that are designed to accommodate any entertainment budget. With coin sizes that range from $0.01 to $4.00 per payline, gamblers can expect to spend anywhere from $0.17 to $68 per spin, Busted is truly a great choice for every player, regardless of how much he or she prefers to wager on the game.

Comic-Like Symbols on the Reels

Players who have enjoyed reading comic books at any point in their lives will appreciate the fact that the icons on the reels in Busted Slots look like they could have been taken directly from a comic. The symbols in the game change based on whether gamers have selected to play as the cop or the robber, and switching between the two is a simple matter of pushing one button over instead of the other. The gun adorned with the “Bang” logo is the wild symbol and can substitute for any other icon needed to create a winning combination on the reels.

While many of the same symbols are on the reels regardless of which character the gambler chooses, there are five that differ between the two. Those playing the cop will see a police car, badge, donut, handcuffs and a billy club while those playing the robber will find a crowbar, flashlight, mask, loot bag and dynamite; these icons are an important part of triggering the game’s bonus round.

The Busted Bonus Round and a Double Up Feature

  • In order to trigger the bonus round as a cop or a robber in Busted Slots, gamblers must collect all five of the special symbols associated with the character. Once the last icon is found, one of the bonus rounds will initiate. The game features the cop chasing the robber across several fields, and the characters move by rolling dice and moving in accordance with the number that is the outcome of the roll. While the robber always starts first and has the advantage of starting out closer to the finish line than the cop, those playing the cop will win if they manage to overtake the robber along the path; regardless of who hits the finish line first, the prize displayed in the loot box is what the gambler will win if he or she wins the footrace.
  • Double Up Features are fairly common in slots, and this extra game allows players to gamble their win in hopes of doubling it. Triggered when players see the “Double” icon on the far right reel and completely optional, those who have received a win on the reels and choose to continue will see one of the game’s flashing characters remain highlighted; if that character matches the one chosen by the player, his or her win will be doubled.

Get Busted Today

Gamblers who are ready for their opportunity to be the robber or catch him won’t want to miss the thrills on the reels in Busted Slots. Offering a wide range of interesting symbols and two modes of play, Busted is a great way for players to cash in on a unique and entertaining slot. Don’t miss your chance to play!