Reign of Gnomes Slots

Lovers of fantasy novels and movies may find Reign of Gnomes to be a slot title that fits their interests While the came is obviously inspired by a best-shelling fantasy series of books and an insanely popular television show, the use of gnomes makes this slot title light-hearted compared to the gloom of the novels and show. This 5-reel, 243 fixed payline slot has a generous and unique scatter bonus game that may keep any slot spinner coming back for more.

Gnomes are Cuter than Elves

Bettors who are not fans of the fantasy genre may think the characters are elves; gnomes are smaller and cuter than elves but are more fierce and warlike. Players will find five different kind of elves on the reels of Reign of Gnomes; a male gnome, a female gnome, a young gnome, a sword carrying gnome and curiously, a gnome wearing a hat. The Dragon’s Egg is the symbol that triggers the bonus round and the official game title is the wild icon that can replace any symbol on the reels, except for the Dragon’s Egg.

One Coin to Play Them All

Reign of Gnomes has a 243 fixed payline betting system that requires all paylines to be played on every spin of the reels. The minimum bet is $0.40 makes it affordable for players with smaller budgets; the $140 max bet may be too small for some but most slot spinners will find a wager amount that is a good fit For every betting style.

A Scatter Bonus with Multiple Features

Reign of Gnomes has a single bonus game that offers an exceptionally large amount of content. A minimum of three Dragon’s Eggs are required to trigger the bonus round; three eggs are worth five free spins, four eggs are good for 10 free games and five eggs anywhere on the reels will garner 20 free spins of the reels. Many bettors would find this more than enough for a bonus game but the developers wanted to give players more and they succeeded. Each free spin of the reels comes with one of four random bonus features. The Random Wild bonus drops one or more wilds on the reels before the spin pays, the Spin Till You Win feature is just as it sounds in that the reels will continue to re-spin until a winning payline is won and the Diamond Bonus game is a pick ‘em style game that awards cash prizes. Players who do not receive one of those three features after a free spin will instead score a multiplier of 3X, 5X or 6X that is applied to any and all winning paylines for that spin.

A Fun Game with Vast Potential

Reign of Gnomes will quickly become a favorite of most, if not all, fantasy fans is inevitable; some will find the light-hearted theme to be an enjoyable option for any gaming session. The generous and expansive bonus features will be the biggest draw and the title will become a favorite of many simply for the potential this title has to create a large payout.