Panda's Fortune Slots

Slot players who are enjoying the recent popularity of Asian-themed slots, and some who aren’t, may find Panda’s Fortune Slots to be one of the best titles of this theme this past title year. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot title created by Pragmatic Play features three jackpots and a scatter-style bonus game that can award up to 15 free spins and 100X the total bet in cash. Slot spinners who enjoy bonus features may find this slot residing in their favorite game list.

Colorful Theme and Symbols

The graphics of Panda’s Fortune are brightly colored and feature some of the best designed and rendered symbols that this developer has released so far. Players will find butterflies, purple dragons, green frogs, blue fish a bonsai tree and a nine through ace playing card symbol set. The ying and yang symbol triggers the title’s bonus game and the panda wild symbol can replace any symbol except the ying and yang symbol to create winning paylines.

Traditional Betting System That Allows Betting By Payline

Players who avoid pays all ways betting and other flat rate wagering systems will enjoy Panda’s Fortune’s and the betting per payline system that many slot spinners prefer to use still today. Coin values range between $0.01 and $0.50 and up to 10 coins can be wagered on each payline for a max payline bet of $5. A player that plays all 25 paylines will see a bet variance of $0.25 to $125, making Panda’s Fortune a great play for all sized bankrolls.

Golden Symbols Bring Good Fortune

After only a few spins of the reels, players will notice that there are golden versions of all the basic symbols that inhabit only the fifth and last reel; this includes the butterflies, dragons, frogs, fish,tree and the playing card symbols. A player who lands a five of a kind of any of these symbols with the gold symbol in the last reel will win one of the game’s three jackpots. Players who find a five of a kind with butterflies, dragons, frogs, fish and bonsai trees with the golden version of the symbol on the fifth reel and no wilds on the reels are awarded the Grand Jackpot that is worth 800X the total bet made.A bettor who receives a five of a kind with one of the playing card symbols with the gold symbol in the last reel and no wilds on the board will win the major jackpot that is worth 200X the total bet; five of a kind of any symbol with the golden version in the last reel and with any wilds on any of the reels receives the minor jackpot that is worth 25X the total wager. The bonus symbol awards free spins and cash prizes; three symbols will net a player 2X the total bet and eight free spins, four symbols are awarded 15X the total bet and 10 free games and five bonus symbols receive 15 free spins and a whopping 100X the total wager.

A High-Quality Title With Generous Bonus Content

With all the potential that the jackpots and bonus game can bring, this is a title with a vast amount of possibilities for the really big win. Add in that if the reels all fall right, a player can win up to 25 jackpots on a single spin and this game gives bettors a reason to return and chace the jackpots and bonus game wins. Panda’s Fortune Slots appears to be a big winner and it can make slot spinners big winners too.