is a new online sportsbook that's run by guys who pretty much pioneered the online sportsbook industry. With the knowledge of what works and what doesn't for online sports betting enthusiasts, they created a sportsbook that's big on positives and short on negatives. Read on for more.

Simple Bonus Structure

If you're sick of getting lured in by a big bonus from a sportsbook, only to find out that you need to wager thousands and thousands of dollars just to see a nickel, you're going to love You won't find a 100% or 150% deposit bonus here. Instead, they run a flat, permanent 10% bonus structure. All members earn 10% cash back every week on all bets, win or lose. That means every win is worth more and every loss hurts a little bit less.

Solid Betting Advice

You would think that an online sportsbook would rather see you bet blindly. But seems to be more interested in getting people excited about sports than they are about making a profit. Don't get us wrong. They're a sportsbook, so their goal is to make money. But they really do have serious sports fanatics on their team, and their Water Cooler section is evidence of that. They report on major stories in sports and upcoming games-every day. And in a lot of cases, the information shared is breaking news that members need to be aware of if they want to bet smartly.

Reliable Betting Platform

The site boasts a fairly robust betting platform that has an unheard of 100% uptime. It's all thanks to a triple-redundant betting network that means you don't have to worry about servers or telephone systems going down. That's a lot better than many of the other Costa Rica-based operators.

Easy Cash In and Cash Out

A lot of the gripes coming from online sportsbook members have to do with how difficult it is to fund an account, and how long it takes to withdraw winnings. members don't seem to have the same sort of complaints. For deposits, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Visa are welcome. And withdrawing money is just as easy. Like every other online sportsbook, deposits happen a lot faster than withdrawals, so that's expected. But withdrawal times are fairly speedy.

Friendly Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, many sportsbooks run like machines. Customer service agents are efficient, but a bit robotic and cold. has really warm, caring customer service agents. Everything feels way more personal, like the agents actually know and care about you, and we quite liked that.

There's a ton to like about this sportsbook, and joining is free. You don't have to do anything special to score the 10% cash back deal. Just sign up right here and it's yours.