The Coolest Online Slots Characters

Online slots players are more than well aware of the huge slots wins that can be hit, the great features that the very best 5 reel video slots can provide and how playing a great modern slot with a good theme can whisk you away from the daily grind. However many players fire up their favorite online slots for another reason, and that's because they adore some of the wonderful characters that can be found on the reels. So what are the best online slots characters and which online slots are they to be found on? For many players, the best slots characters are those provided on the reels of the Betsoft slots collection, a development company not only well known for their outstanding graphical slots and immersive unique themes, but also for those cool, sometimes quirky, occasionally crazy and always ready for action, stars of their very own slots. Here we'll take a look at some of the players favorites, and introduce you to some of the principal actors of the Betsoft slots.

  • Mr Vegas - Mr Vegas Slots is the ultimate high roller, the man about town and when he steps out, the world holds its breath. He's the biggest player in town and has an eye for the ladies, and as he plays the champagne corks pop and Sin City comes alive. Slots players adore this colorful character who brings the reels to life and lets everyone join in the slots party.

  • Safari Sam - Sam doesn't look like your usual muscle bound adventurous type but this laid back Betsoft slots character loves to go snapping away at those wild animals. It's your task to assist Sam in finding the very best spot to take his pictures, and of course to help him stay out of harms way.

  • Dr Prescott - The Madder Scientist Slots features on two great Betsoft slots, as the slightly insane Dr Prescott is simply too popular for just one slot! Let him show you around the lab, and introduce you to his sexy assistant, but we have to warn you that danger could be ahead when you take to the reels, as with this mad scientist, anything can go off!

  • Rook - The Aztec Chief is the most popular man in the jungle, and Rook has plenty of mischief and fun up his sleeve, as this larger than life slots character is packed full of fun and energy. He'll guide you through the jungle on a quest for hidden riches, and knowing Rook, there's always adventure around the corner.

  • The SlotFather - Meet the SlotFather Slots, the man that wants to offer you a jackpot you simply can't refuse! The SlotFather is the king of all slots and the master of the slots underworld and what he says goes. He is however a man that can be bargained with, and if you fall into his favor then big rewards are to be found.

  • Miles - The Curious Machine Slots takes Miles and his super cool robot called Gizmo through time and the rather dapper Miles is in a spot of bother. General Traytor wants the time machine for all of the wrong reasons, and it's the job of Miles, and yourself, to stay one step ahead of him in this amazing race through time and space!

  • Alvin Goodman - Alvin The Exterminator, dressed in his bright yellow overalls leads a simple life. He's an uncomplicated man who'll get rid of your bugs and critters, be they big or small. He has however met his match in the cheeky raccoon that won't play ball, and you'll get to assist the somewhat clumsy character of Alvin as he goes about his work.

  • Amma - Amma is the hero of the Viking Age Slots, and you may join her and her fearless friends on a quest for adventure and of course big paydays. Amma will sail the seas, cross dangerous territory and stop at nothing until she reaches her goal, and this beautiful Betsoft character is more than a match for any man.

  • Neil Quailand - He's the very best in the hitman business and this is his biggest job yet, and you get to join the international man of mystery Mr Neil Quailand on the job of a lifetime. If you pull this job off, that's it, he's done and off for retirement, however you'll need to stay sharp to keep yourself out of the clutches of Detective Albert Kowalski!

Where to Find these Betsoft Characters

There you have it, the very best of the best Betsoft slots characters, and surely there's at least one of them you like the sound of. These great slots can be found in US Betsoft online casinos, and we recommend Bovada Casino, simply for the fantastic welcome bonus, the US friendly banking methods, and for the fact that reload bonuses, special promotions and plenty of good times are always to be found there.