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The Curious Machine Slots

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The Curious Machine Slots
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The Curious Machine slots is a fantastic new 3D slots game that introduces players to the world of Time Traveling where the robot Gizmo accompanies his genius inventor as they work on plans to travel around the world and avoid the treacherous arms of their arch enemy General Traytor. This is a five reel thirty payline slots game that is fully animated and draws players into this incredible world where the sky is not the limit. Each spin is accompanied by dramatic music and players can also play the game for fun at many online casinos before committing real money to the game. Coin bets range in size from $0.02 up to $0.05 and the maximum bet per spin is $75.

Special Game Features

There are a number of special features to this game which contribute to making it unique and also thoroughly enjoyable. The wild symbol is a Vortex that can either take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line or it can randomly spin and change the symbols that surround it on the screen. There is a random 2nd Chance option which will spin one of the five reels totally at random at the end of a regular spin. Free spins can be won by accumulating Dinosaurs and during the free spins there are random wilds that can add to the winning opportunities. The scatter symbol activates the bonus Time Travel game which takes place on a separate screen. In this bonus game players help the inventor and his loyal buddy to escape the evil Mr. Traytor. This is a multi-level game and at every level players can win more bonus payouts if they succeed.

A Gizmo Option to Double Winnings

At the end of every winning spin when playing The Curious Machine Slots, players can also opt for a special gamble option where the cute little Gizmo walks to a new screen and players are invited to choose in which hand he has hidden a coin. If the player guesses correctly then his winnings are doubled, if not the player loses the winnings for that round. Gizmo is really cute and gives a little cheer each time there is a win and a sigh and shrug each time the player loses. Being a fully animated slots game that is 3D, the Curious Machine Slots is far superior to regular slots and provides plenty of entertainment together with excellent gaming characteristics.

The Curious Machine Slots Info

Bonus roundTravel Through Time Bonus game
Type3D, 5-reel, bonus
Coin size$0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50
Coins per line1-5
Max Bet$75
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