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It's All Over for the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel

published Jan. 23, 2014

It's All Over for the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel
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atlantic-club.jpgOne of the saddest victims of the glut of casinos along the Atlantic City strip is the Atlantic Club Casino hotel. This well known casino and hotel has been in business for 33 years but sadly closed its doors just last week after having been sold to two competitors; Tropicana Entertainment and Caesars Hotel and Casino. The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel had been struggling over the past few years and was not able to compete with the many other casinos and hotels that in Atlantic City that are larger and more resplendent in all that they offer. With more up to date facilities, more games and more technology to boost the popularity of these newer establishments, Atlantic Club Casino Hotel could not compete. Many of the 1600 workers who lost their jobs attribute the closing to saturation in the market place with too many casinos to choose from and not enough casual business which was one of the main areas that the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel relied on. Tropicana Entertainment and Caesars bought the establishment for a combined cost of $23.4 million. Tropicana has taken all the gambling equipment and the customer lists whereas Caesars has taken over the 801 rooms of the hotel. Time will tell what each of the buyers will do with their share and how they will use it to improve their market share of this market that is becoming harder and harder to compete it.

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