Branson's Virgin Group go to New Jersey

The Virgin online casino proudly highlights the fact that it is one of the few regulated and approved online casinos for real money play in New Jersey. Online gaming in New Jersey became legal late last year and since then players from all over the state have eagerly been awaiting to see the choices that will be available for online gaming in their state. Virgin Casino headed by the effervescent Richard Branson is one of the casinos out of a total of fifteen that received the regulated green light, allowing them to practice in the state of New Jersey. The Virgin casino had some initial teething trouble with issues arising from their login and payment functions but these have been solved and the casino is up and running in all its glory. In fact the Virgin casino, one of the Branson's pet projects offers new players a special $50 refill bonus in addition to many other special and unique exciting promotions, games and services. The community jackpot, in true Branson style ensures that every player receives a portion of the winnings when a progressive jackpot is won. This is just one of the promising and exciting ideas that Virgin Casino brings to the state of New Jersey.