Eternal Love Slots

Eternal Love Slots

Released for Valentine's Day in 2016 by RealTime Gaming, Eternal Love Slots has found popularity with slot players who enjoy the recent and popular vampire-themed books, movies and television shows. It has also been a title that has gathered its own cult following as the game features stacked wilds that can add up to an 81X multiplier and a scatter that both pays and awards free games. Eternal Love Slots is a pays-all-ways slot title that holds a large amount of potential for the big win that every bettor is searching for.

Dark, but Not Dreary

The reels and background of Eternal Love are done in many shades of grey, and black is a prevalent color but the game manages to avoid looking gloomy. The majority of the symbols are the standard playing card arrangement with Ace through Nine on the reels and the other symbols include an amulet, a ring and three young-looking vampires. An ancient coin acts as the scatter and the Extended Life feature; the Eternal Love symbol acts as wild that can replace all icons with the exception of the scatter. The wilds can be stacked on the second and fourth reels and can multiply any win that it completes by 1X, 2X or 3X.

Wagering on the Eternal

Eternal Love is an all-ways-pay slot and there is no betting by the line; instead gamblers can place per spin wagers of $0.30 to $3 in $0.30 increments; for example, the title boasts bets of $0.60, $0.90 and $1.20, although bigger bettors can make one-spin wagers of $7.50, $15, $30, $75 and $150. This style of betting lends itself to being convenient for all players regardless of their betting strategy or gaming budget. Big bettors and penny players can both enjoy Eternal Love, and changing wager amounts is easier as there are no lines to multiply with a one-line wager.

A Paying Scatter and a Growing Bonus Feature

When two or more of the scatter symbols appear on the reels the game pays 1X to 200X, depending on the number of scatters on the reels. Three or more of the coin symbols also award 10 free games; after the 10 free spins have finished, if the Life Force Meter has not filled the Extended Life Force feature begins. At the end of the ten spins or after the life meter is filled, a multiplier is revealed and it is multiplied with the amount wagered on the spin. If the Extended Life Force has been triggered and extra spins have been awarded, the hidden multiplier grows by 1X to 10X with each spin past the tenth spin. The multiplier can reach as high as 1,000X the initial bet.

Enormous Big-Win Potential

Many games hold great amounts of potential but few feature a bonus game that can result in huge multipliers on a single spin. Each spin of the reels can bring up to a 2,000X multiplier and when that is applied to the maximum bet of $150, it gives the potential for a jackpot win of $300,000 on a single spin; the 2,000X on a minimum bet of $0.30 results in a $600 payday for penny players. This is a style of game that all bets, both large and small, can result in a significant payday. Players who hit the big win on Eternal Love Slots will love this game eternally.