Pixiu Slots

While many online casino gamblers are unfamiliar with the concept of the Pixiu, this creature graces the page of Chinese lore as a cross between a lion and a large bird; often mistaken for the chimera, the Pixiu is believed to be a protector among those who practice Feng Shui. However, in the case of Pixiu Slots, this creature could lead to incredible prizes in the 3-reel, 5-payline title.

Betting in Pixiu Slots

Placing a bet in Pixiu Slots is easy and affordable for real-money casino enthusiasts. With a coin size of $0.10 and the ability to wager up to 10 coins per line, gamblers can cover every payline in the game with bets that fall between $0.50 and $5.00 per spin. The convenient wagering options in Pixiu Slots are the perfect choice for gamblers who are in search of affordable entertainment.

Mythological Icons on the Reels

The symbols on the reels in Pixiu Slots are attractive, and the reels are set in a background that will make gamblers think of soaring through the big, blue sky. Icons representing coins, jade rings, the phoenix, eagle and dragon come together with playing card symbols queen, king and ace to form the symbol set in the title. The coin icon is the scatter symbol in the game, and three of these anywhere on the reels will score gamblers a chance to choose their own bonus feature.

Leveling Up in the Game

While leveling up in a slot game is highly unusual, the system is present in Pixiu Slots, rewarding those gamers who spin the reels a lot. Gamblers will increase their level once every 25 spins for the first three levels, and those who wish to attain the coveted fourth level will need to spin the reels 76 times. Prizes in the bonus rounds improve as players level up, making it a worthwhile endeavor to increase the levels in the game.

Bonus Feature Options in Pixiu Slots

Once players trigger the bonus in Pixiu Slots, they will be able to choose their own bonus round. Highly unusual in slots, the ability to select a feature allows gamers to take part in the bonus that they like the most or the one that they believe will offers the best payouts. Three coin icons scattered on the reels will launch the screen that allows gamblers to choose one of the following features:
  • The first bonus option is the easiest, as it simply awards a specified number of coins to the player; the instant win feature delivers increasingly higher prizes as gamers move through the levels in the title.
  • The next choice of bonus features for players is the free spins round; gamblers at the first level of the game will receive 10 free spins at the stake that was wagered when the feature is triggered, and five additional spins are added for each level that the gambler attains. Levels one, two, three and four offer 10, 15, 20 and 25 free games, respectively.
  • Finally, the Jade and Gold Bonus is an interesting, second-screen feature that players will enjoy. Once initiated, gamblers will see eight coins; gamers will then select them one at a time, watching their winnings increase as the Pixiu grows. However, should the coin turn to stone, the feature will end.

Pixiu is Simply Great Gaming

While many online casino players will be uncertain about a title with just three reels, Pixiu Slots is played on a 3X3 grid and offers an incredible array of exciting features, great prizes and much more. Spin the reels today for your chance to cash in on the fun and mystery of the incredible Pixiu Slots.