Emoji Planet Slots

Emojis have reached such a high level of popularity that they now appear in virtually every facet of modern life; present on smartphones, tablets and all over the internet, these three-character symbols display the full range of human emotion. However, emojis have just begun to penetrate the world of online casino gaming, and Emoji Planet Slots has a wide range of fantastic winning potential for gamblers of every age.

Layout and Betting in Emoji Slots

Gamblers will find that Emoji Planet doesn't look like a slot in the traditional sense of the word; in fact, the game boasts a fantastic and unique layout that eschews the typical reel-payline system found in most games in favor of a 5X6 grid filled with cascading icons.

Without the common structure of reels and paylines, betting in Emoji Planet Slots is also somewhat different than what gamblers find in most titles. Coin sizes range between $0.01 and $1.00 and players may choose a bet level that falls anywhere between 1 and 10; each level increases the amount of the bet by 20 coins, making it vital for gamblers to select both their coin size and bet level carefully. Finally, players should know that each spin in Emoji Planet will cost them anywhere from $0.20 to $200, making it an awesome choice for anyone who values slots with truly flexible wagering.

Whimsical Emojis on the Reels

The cute, whimsical icons found in Emoji Planet Slots include aliens, bombs, kissing lips, two hearts, rockets, stars and the friendly poo. The wild symbol in Emoji Planet is the star, and this is a great replacement symbol for players one icon short of a winning combination. Additionally, Emoji Planet features clustering symbols, which simply means that any icon that is vertically or horizontally adjacent to a duplicate symbol will count toward the player's payout. As each set of clustered symbols disappears from the screen, they will be replaced new icons that could result in additional wins.

Every set of clustered icons will be transferred to a meter on the right side of the screen; every 12 symbols cleared from the reels will receive a sticker on the corresponding meter, after which the feature associated with the icon will be triggered. This is a great way to turn the cost of one spin into an nearly endless potential for prizes in the game.

5 Bonus Features Available in Emoji Planet

  • The Bomb Feature provides players with the chance to cash in on a win that could be worth between 5X and 100X the bet level for each of the 8 icons the game destroys during the round.
  • After activating the Pizza Feature, gamblers will see a 3X3 overlay somewhere on the screen; this could result in a large payout, as it can be any symbol in the game other than the wild.
  • Once 12 kiss icons have been collected in the appropriate meter, the Kiss Mark Feature will being; players will receive three sticky wilds that will remain in place until they have completed three wins.
  • The Rocket Feature provides gamers with a stack of 10 wild symbols on the reels in positions that create the maximum amount of wins during that particular spin.
  • Those who launch the Two Hearts Feature will receive a multiplier of 2X on any wins accrued during the spin in question.

Emoji Planet Creates Multiple Smiles

Whether gamblers use the smiling emoji to express their joy at the game or they simple have a grin on their faces, they will undoubtedly be pleased every time they place a bet and spin the reels. Check out Emoji Planet Slots today for your chance to spin and win!