Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium Slots

Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium Slots is a 5-reel, 40-payline slot title that may be a good choice for players who like to garden; but players should be warned that Mrs. Green’s plants are like none that players have seen before. This slot features an exceptionally generous scatter feature, stacked wilds and multipliers.

A Cute Little Shop Full Of Sinister Plants

The proprietor of this little shop a sweet elderly lady, Mrs. Green, and players who enter into Mrs. Green’s little world soon suspect that she has a very dark secret that she keeps in her shop. The little bonsai trees that are shaped like the letters that pay the lower wins are well rendered and look to be the safest of all the plants on the reels and in the shop. There are also gardening gloves, watering cans, bags of fertilizer and some of the creepiest potted plants that this reviewer has seen since Little Shop of Horrors.The blue egg shaped plant appears to be on the verge of exploding and releasing its contents to anyone who is standing too close; this is the safest looking of all the higher paying plants on the reels. The sign that hangs outside is the scatter symbol and the wild is Mrs. Green herself and she can replace any symbol except the scatter.

Betting On Mrs. Green And Her Creepy Plants

Mrs. Green’s Plant Emporium accepts a wide variety of coin sizes that start as low as $0.01 for a $0.40 minimum wager on a 40 payline wager; the title has a max bet of $50. This makes this slot a great choice for players with smaller bankrolls and is much safer bet than then being alone with Mrs. Green’s pretty and possibly poisonous plants.

Mrs. Green Loves To Help Those Who Come To Her Shop

As mentioned earlier, Mrs. Green is the wild symbol and she is more than eager to help those who come into her shop win some money In the base game, Mrs. Green can become a stacked wild on the second and fourth reels When the free spins round is being played, Mrs. Green changes her locations on the reels and can stack in the first, third and fifth reels. The scatter bonus is triggered when three or more of the scatter symbols are anywhere on the reels; three symbols award 10 free spins, four symbols result in 15 free games and five symbols give bettors a whopping 20 free spins; this feature can be retriggered.Any wins during the free spin scatter are given a 2X multiplier, giving players yet another chance to score the big win.

Step Carefully Around Mrs. Green’s Plants

Mrs. Green’s Plant Emporium is a dangerous place with sinister plants who many be looking for a tasty snack. Players who are brave and bad tasting , may do well to spin the reels of this game; there are plenty of opportunities from punters to walk away from the deadly plants with a huge pay day. However, players may want to politely turn down an offer to stay for lunch, as Mrs. Green and her little potted friends may see a bettor as the main course.