Football Gladiators Slots

Developer Stake Logic, a Novomatic development team, is not a well known creator of online slot titles but that looks like it might change with the release of Football Gladiator Slots. With console-like graphics and exceptional gameplay, Football Gladiator Slots looks to be a game that will have players spinning the reels time and time again. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot has actual professional players on the reels and features gladiators on the reels for what may seem like an unusual combination but it works really well. The game features that can lead to some massive wins.

Online Slots Do Not Get Better Looking than This

Football Gladiator Slots has the level of graphics that are only seen in the latest video game consoles; Football Gladiators has established a much higher standard for graphics with this release. Bettors get to choose which one of four professional football players that they would like to as; players include Kroos, Prilo, Ferdinand and Van Persie. The Chariot Race bonus game pits the bettor versus other gladiators and the player has a choice of three different tracks for the chariot race that award different numbers of spins and multipliers awarded. The tracks are called small, medium and large and the bigger the track the higher the potential for a massive win. Bettors must be leading the race to collect the multiplier; the game finally ends when all of the football players have participated. The Battle bonus pits the football players against large and unfriendly animals; the more dangerous the animal, the more benefit that the player will receive for defeating the creature. The bonus ends when all the football players have had a chance to be a part of the bonus game fun.

A Great Game for Penny Pinchers and the Bankroll Challenged

This 25-payline game has coin sizes that only go from $0.01 and $0.05 and only one coin can be wagered on each paline. This makes Football Gladiator Slots a great choice for players who have small bankrolls and other people who just do not like to wager large amounts. The player controls are easy to use and bettors can adjust their experience playing the game simply by asking questions.

Bonus Games Make This Slot an Intriguing Bet

Gladiator Football has two different bonus games that can lead to a vast amount of money, The Chariot Race and Battle bonus round award players with free spins and multipliers. The Chariot Race pits the player against the gladiators; the player must be leading the competition to collect the multipliers.If the bettor wins the race, he gets 10X the original line bet and if he loses he still receives a 2X multiplier. The Battle bonus pits the football players against wild animals in the Coliseum, with the larger animals bringing bigger multipliers if they are defeated. The Battle round ends when all four football players have fought in the Coliseum.

An Odd Theme That Works Well

At first glance, the theme of Football Gladiator seems to be ill-fitting but it works surprisingly well; the graphics are phenomenal and the gameplay seems like a breath of fresh air. This is a game that can be a great choice for those tired of the Egyptian games, the Chinese-themed titles and all of the themes that seem to be used to frequently. By combining the football and Roman style games, Stake Logic has created an above average title with enough big win potential to keep slot spinners returning for more.