Great Eggspectations Slots

Great Eggspectations Slots

Slot players looking for an Easter or Spring themed slot may enjoy Great Eggspectations Slots, a slot title released by developer Booming Games. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot is full of cute bunnies flowers and brightly colored eggs that has the ability to create a spring like atmosphere for those spinning the reels online during the spring holiday season. The title's play on the Charles Dickens' book Great Expectations may be a bit obscure but is entertaining none the less.

A Background and Symbols That Players Would Expect

Bettors will find bunnies, other cuddly flowers and Easter eggs in a rainbow of pastel colors on the reels of this title. The Easter eggs and spring flowers come in the colors of pink, yellow and a pale shade of purple; wreaths of flowers, yellow chicks and bunnies of white and brown inhabit the reels with the eggs and flowers. The animation of the symbols on winning paylines are an interesting addition to a game that otherwise has average graphics. The flowers and wreath throw their petals, the chick flaps his wings, the white bunny sniffs a flower and the brown rabbit munches a carrot. The eggs are the centerpiece of the graphics as the pink eggs are floral printed and the shell shatters on a winning line, while the purple egg is spotted and throws bubbles.

Budget Betting On the Bunnies

This is a slot that is a great fit for those who prefer smaller bets and more spins from their bankroll but penny per line players may want to look elsewhere as the coin size starts at $0.03. The largest coin size is $3 and with only 10 paylines to be wagered, the game only has a max bet of $30. This gives an unusually small window of $0.30 to $30 on single spin wagers that include all possible paylines. However, most online gamblers fall into this betting range and only outliers who wager very small or very large may have issues.

Bonus Features Are Triggered By the Rabbits

The two rabbits on the reels are the scatter symbols that initiate the titles two bonus games; both pay 2X the total bet and award 10 free spins when three or more are found on the reels. Each color gives players a different bonus on top of the 2X win and the spins, as the white rabbits add a pays both ways to the free spins and the brown bunnies add on a random expanding symbol for the duration of the free spins. When three or more of the random symbol are on a minimum of three different reels, the symbols expand vertically and pay. Wilds cannot be used to create winning paylines of expanding symbols and neither of the two scatters can be triggered a second time by themselves but one can trigger the other once during a bonus spins play.

An Easter Surprise

Great Eggspectations is a game that should not be judged by merely surface content, as there is much here if bettors dig a little deeper. The narrow betting frame looks more concerning than it actually is and will fit most, but not all, betting styles. Both scatters can lead to large wins quickly, especially the scatter with the vertically expanding symbols, and the animated winning paylines are a surprise, considering the plainness of the symbols themselves. Great Eggspectations is a great choice for most players this spring and any time of the year.