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The Bees Slots

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The Bees Slots
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Animals crop up frequently in slot games. This one features a more unusual specimen though – bees. Maybe you avoid them usually, but we doubt you will want to do that here. We’ve got some cheery and buzzy bees to meet, not to mention some pretty flowers and of course the beehives.

But is this a game that’s worth playing?

Format of reels and lines

While there are five reels presented on screen, we get just nine paylines to bet on.

Coins to choose from

Two cents per coin is the lowest you can go here, giving you an 18-cent bet as the lowest amount per spin. There are other coins too, which means total bets can go as high as $150 per spin.

Special icons used in The Bees slot

Two bees appear together with a tree on the substitute symbol. This also has the word wild on it. It stands in for plenty of other symbols that might appear. The only exception to this is the scatter, which is shown as a cute little honeypot.

Should you look out for a bonus feature?

Watch the middle three reels with each spin. To trigger the bonus, a specific combination must appear:

• Reel two – the male bee
• Reel three – the game logo
• Reel four – the female bee

Any other order doesn’t qualify. If you get the combination described above, you will enter the bonus. This is where you get to pick some flowers. Sounds easy, yes? Well, you must also try catching raindrops. The flowers hide some lovely cash prizes, while you can earn swap icons if you catch some raindrops.

This is a great bonus, because you must also try not to be stung by the bees. You can use swap icons in the base game once you get back there, and these can help you win line prizes. Even if you get stung, you might find some spray to remedy it.

Download and enjoy playing The Bees slot game today

We just love the bonus in this game. The Bees could have been nothing more than a regular slot, but the bonus makes it far better. How many flowers will you pick and how good will you be at catching those raindrops? Avoid the bees and find those swap icons and you could win more in the main game too. This is a unique bonus that is a joy to try.

The Bees Slots Info

Bonus roundThe Bees Bonus Round
Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Coins per line1-5
Max Bet$45
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