How To Make Money From Online Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses have gotten somewhat of a bad reputation over the years because of the conditions that are often applied to those seemingly awesome promotions are typically quite stringent. However, with a bit of knowledge and experience, it is possible to make money from online casino bonuses. We've generated this helpful Q & A to provide prospective gamblers with the information that they need to put their casino bonuses to work for them.

What does an online casino bonus entail and what should players expect?

Casino bonuses can be comprised of a deposit match, free spins on a specific slot game or a no-deposit bonus offered without players having to first fund a real-money casino account. While these three types of bonuses are the most common that online gamblers will encounter, other types of promotions do exist. In fact, most casinos have provide players with a loyalty or rewards program that offers regular, active real-money customers the opportunity to cash in on some pretty incredible perks; from deposit-match bonuses to free birthday chips, casinos work hard to woo their players. Such programs, which are often denoted with ubiquitous label, "VIP," tend to offer better rewards to those who have reached the highest levels; of course, moving through the program requires real-money deposits, but rewards programs are an excellent way for any entertainment budget to do double duty.

Are casino bonuses eligible for withdrawal? What are playthrough requirements?

Understanding how casino bonuses actually work is the first step toward using them successfully; after all, the details are always in the fine print, and this is particularly true when it comes to accepting a promotional offer from a casino. There was time when casino bonuses became eligible for withdrawal much more quickly than they are today, but players who exploited the system created a need for more stringent requirements when it came to claiming bonus funds. Typically, gamblers must meet what are called "playthrough requirements" before taking any money out of their casino account. Playthrough requirements are exactly what they sound like: the bonus funds must be wagered, won back and re-wagered a specific number of times before a casino will allow the player to remove that money from his or her account. Beyond playthrough requirements, some casinos limit the amount that a player may actually withdraw from his or her account when the money initially came from bonus funds; that's what is meant in the fine print when bonus terms mention "maximum win" values.

So what is a 35x wagering requirement? What are 3x and 5x playthrough requirements?

The best way to think about casino bonuses attached to wagering or playthrough requirements is to consider them theoretical money; simply put, restricted casino bonuses do actually become real money that can be used outside of the casino until the player meets the conditions that are attached to it. Casino bonuses with playthrough or wagering requirements are often simply great ways for gamblers to score a little extra slot play and not much more; it takes a great deal of experience, skill and yes, even luck, to turn theoretical money into actual cash. That said, it is possible to do so. For example, a 35x wagering requirement on $100 in bonus funds means that the player must make $3,500 in bets on the site before the casino will allow that individual to withdraw any monies won from placing wagers with bonus funds. Similarly, gamblers will find that 3x or 5x playthrough requirements simply mean that they will need to place at least $300 or $500, respectively, in order to remove any winnings accrued with wagers made from that original $100 in bonus cash. Obviously, it goes without saying that bonuses with smaller playthrough or wagering requirements are the ones to accept; however, gamblers should know that in general, the larger the bonus, the greater the playthrough requirements associated with it. While a 100 percent match up to $5,000 sounds good, it's likely to have massive wagering requirements; to the contrary, however, a 100 percent match of up to $50 may only have a 3x wagering requirement, making it far more likely that player will actually see some of those funds released from their casino account.

Is it actually possible to win, make money or make a living at an online casino?

It is always possible to win at a legal, legitimate and licensed online casino, but in some cases, it may not be probable. The casino, often referred to as "the house," has the advantage in almost any game, as the odds are set in its favor; like any business, the main goal of an online casino is to make money. However, like any rule, there are exceptions to the theory that dictates the edge always going to the house. It takes a certain amount of skill and a taste for the right games for players to consistently win at a casino, and this is an even greater truth for those gamblers who are attempting to win enough to make a living by playing their favorite casino games; needless to say, spinning the reels in a couple of different slot titles is not likely to result in the kind of regular payouts that would be needed for the player to quit their day job. Keep reading to learn more about making money via casino play.

Who is considered a professional gambler? How do people make money playing games?

Someone who makes the majority of their earnings from gambling is considered a professional bettor; this is an incredibly difficult career path to follow, but there are types of wagering that create better odds for success than others. In fact, experienced pros can make a very nice living if they know how to choose their game. Blackjack, for instance, is the only casino game that actually give gamblers an edge over the house when looking at odds. Similarly, poker is also a great choice in terms of a game to pursue professionally; because the player competes against his or her peers rather than the casino, the house-edge theory does not apply. Sports betting is also arguably a gambling activity that some professionals consider as a career; while the creation of betting lines will give the house somewhat of an edge, it's still a decent option for those who are willing put in the time and effort required for high levels of success in sports wagering. In short, people who wish to make money by playing games must be flexible when choosing their game, dedicated to practice and willing to learn from their own experience and that of others.

What about slots? Which games hold the best chances of a win for players?

First and foremost, those online casino enthusiasts who are looking for their opportunity to make money by gambling professionally are not going to do it by playing slots; while big wins on the reels do occur, they don't happen reliably enough to turn the hobby into a full-time gig. Again, blackjack is the only game that gives the player an edge over the house, and that edge can easily be exploited by a dealer if the player does not have the experience to back it up. In short, the best chances for wins, especially on a consistent basis, is found in a near-perfect series of blackjack hands. Poker, that elusive beast that takes minutes to learn and years to master, affords gamblers plenty of opportunities for competition against other poker players. Possibly the most-played professionally, poker requires a great deal of skill, patience and attention to detail.

Making Money From Casino Bonuses is Possible

While making money from online casino bonuses can be quite the daunting task, it is possible; those who are serious about making it happen for themselves may want to seek bonuses for table games rather than those huge and often heavily restricted promotions that are directed toward players who prefer slots and similar games. By choosing the right kind of game, learning to play it well and a bit of luck, gamblers can turn casino bonus funds into a nice profit.