Best Online Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses are huge news, there’s no doubting that. If you want to play at any online casino, it would be a great idea to check and see whether they have any bonuses you could claim first.

Some bonuses are better than others though, so we thought we’d go through some of the best online casino bonus opportunities you might encounter. If you can find one or more of these at the same casino, you’re in a good place.

A no deposit bonus must surely be a favorite of many players

This bonus is given to you when you sign up as a new player at a specific casino. Not all casinos offer them, but they can present you with a good method for checking out some of the games at the casino.

They’re not usually worth a lot, although the deals vary from one casino to another. You might receive $5 free or much more. Always read through the small print for the deal though, because this reveals more about what you are receiving.

A free chip is always worth looking out for

Free chips are given away individually and sometimes as part of a bigger deal. For example, you might receive a deposit bonus plus a free chip if you meet certain requirements.

We’ve seen casinos give away a free chip along with a deposit bonus when the player uses Bitcoin, for example. There are many other possibilities available too.

Any bonus with no wagering requirements to be met

This is surely top of the list for many players. Wagering requirements are often connected to deals at many online casinos. The idea is that you receive a bonus, but you must then wager that bonus several times before you can receive anything won with that bonus.

For example, if you are given wagering requirements of 30x, you must wager the bonus thirty times over before cashing out. It’s easy to understand once you get the hang of it, but it also means your bonus may not be as good as you thought.

That’s why the term ‘no wagering requirements’ is lovely to see. The bonus will likely be smaller, and the winnings capped, but there are zero wagering qualifications to be met either.

What would your favorite casino bonus be?

The best online casino bonus can generate lots of ideas. Some people might want nothing more than a free chip, while for others, the no deposit bonus is all they require. We still believe one with no wagering requirements is best, but would you agree?