New Arrow’s Edge Slot World Leaders Spices Up Politics

The political climate in the world today is an interesting but tiring subject that many people have begun to ignore for the sake of their own sanity; while World Leaders Slots may not be helpful in solving the world's conflicts, it can be a great way to pass the time and win some cash. This new game by Arrow's Edge takes a supposedly serious theme and presents it as the three ring circus it truly seems to be at times. The game features symbols made to look like the leaders of the free, and not so free, world. The strengths of the new title are the Changing Wild Card and the Find Your Ally Bonus Round.

Some world leaders are called the wild card in world political situations and in this game it's quite true; every 25 spins of the reels the wild is randomized between the generic, but obvious, Heads of State from Russia, Great Britain and the United States. Each of the three wilds also has a unique feature that gives players the opportunity to win big. The Great Britain Wild duplicates itself in the most advantageous spot on the reels, the Russian Wild is a walking wild that moves to the left and triggers a re-spin, and the American Wild expands horizontally and vertically; all three can result in incredibly large wins. The Find Your Ally Bonus Round has players choosing cards to reveal a cash prize and a world leader; when three of the same are selected, the cash prizes are awarded, making this game perfect for casino fans, the politically aware and everyone in between.