Call Centre Worker Wins £258670 Online Slots Jackpot

A $258,670 jackpot was won by a UK call center worker from Burnley while playing online slots at William Hill Casino. Richard Taylor, 45, said he was having difficulty sleeping and so decided to go online and play the Super Spins Bar X slot at William Hill.

Mr. Taylor said his wager was meager for that single spin win but he was distracted by something on the TV. When he returned to the computer screen he saw five gold symbols and a figure showing he had just won $258,670.

Describing the moment he won the incredible sum, Richard Taylor said: "I am still in shock really as I was playing the game to pass the time before I went to sleep ahead of my night shift. I was just pressing the buttons when the win happened - I only had to lift a finger to land a fortune. It is absolutely fantastic."

The UK does not impose taxes on gambling winnings so Mr. Taylor, who earns around $20,000-a-year as a call center worker, says the win is equivalent to roughly 20 years of wages.

When asked what the money meant to him, Mr. Taylor said his life would now be a lot easier, he wouldn't have to worry about finding money to pay bills, and that he could go wherever he wanted on holiday.

Mr. Taylor is also a huge Burnley Football Club supporter, and quipped: "I am a Burnley fan and could probably buy the club with that sort of money the way they are playing at present. I might even splash out on a season ticket for Turf Moor - I'd really love some of my luck rub off on the team."