Man from Edmonton Wins $15 Million

According to the Casino City Times, an Edmonton man had his persistence pay off when he won $15 million dollars. He would continually and faithfully buy his lottery tickets or make wagers. Well this time it paid off and he was awarded with a win on just a simple or small amount of money. James W. said for the last 30 to 40 years he has been hoping to win big.

Family and Friends Did Not Believe

Many people did not believe he had won and James said he also had a heart attack when he realized that the winning numbers were his. He did not believe it until he checked that he was the one that had won. In the beginning, he knew he would receive some money but never thought it would be the grand prize of $15 million. According to him, it was a surprise for a lot of people and even his girlfriend had to be convinced that he had won so much money.

A Better Life

James W. plans to take his winnings and use it to help his family. He was facing unemployment problems, but will no longer have to worry about this any longer. James is hoping that he can now use the money to have a more comfortable lifestyle and not have to worry about how he will pay his bills.