Zombies Vs Cheerleaders Slots

Zombies and Cheerleaders may sound like a strange name for an online slot, and that's because this slot is indeed a little strange...and all for the right reasons. With whacky well designed symbols and a super bloodthirsty theme, Zombies Vs Cheerleaders, as you can very well tell from the title, is a zombie themed online slots with a difference. It seems like we're being inundated with zombies lately, with plenty of great zombie movies and of course the massively successful TV show The Walking Dead getting record amounts of viewers, and now we can spin with them on the reels of great video slots, with Zombies Vs Cheerleaders throwing out by far the most unique theme.

It's a battle to save the planet as the crazy or brave cheerleaders, depending on how you look at things, take on the flesh eating zombies. You'll find 5 reels and 25 paylines that are packed full of blood splattering zombie bashing action and there's plenty of cool features that add to the wins available on the reels of the great Zombies Vs Cheerleaders.

There's Blood on the Reels!

The 5 reels of Zombies Vs Cheerleaders are packed with super symbols and you'll see plenty of girls in their uniforms in various stages of attacking the undead. There's two pretty gruesome zombies that have clearly seen better days, however the two special symbols you'll want to keep an eye out for are the wild symbol that's in the shape of a blood soaked axe, and the game logo that acts as the scatter symbol. Many slots fans will enjoy the overall design of the symbols as they are all in a pop art style, a little like a 1950's comic book and that works very well with the theme.

The axe wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols and when it's used to complete a Zombies Vs Cheerleaders win it will double it, boosting your slots cash. The scatter will pay wins when 2 are seen in any position, however its main task is to trigger the bonus round, which it will when 3 are seen on the reels. The Zombies Vs Cheerleaders bonus round is actually called the Battle Feature and it's a freespins round, however it's a round with a big difference. Once the freespins begin the reels change up, and on the first 2 reels the Cheerleaders become wild symbols, and on reels 3,4 and 5 the zombies will turn wild, and although you're only provided with 6 freespins, those spins can be very lucrative. The bonus freespins do not only pay well but can also be re-triggered too, another very nice touch to this feature.

Take to the Reels and Save the Planet

There's no getting away from the fact that should you loath them of love them, zombies are the big deal at the moment and they are just everywhere. It's not quite overkill yet as it is an entertaining subject, and one that people enjoy, and Zombies Vs Cheerleaders slots takes on the subject in a very fun and light hearted way. This is a good slot, it delivers the action and the features that many slots players will enjoy, and it throws out more than enough entertainment value to make it well worth playing.