Who Spun It? Slots

The new slots game by BetSoft called Who Spun It? Slots has been released. It was a long wait for this game with a murder mystery theme. It is no surprise that the game is not a disappoint and well worth playing. When you play “Who Spun It?” Slots, you will discover a game which is quite similar to a mystery dinner theatre. However, all of the characteristics of a murder mystery are now combined to produce a slots game filled with clues and thrills.

Game Facts

This is a 3D game with intense video graphics. The scene of the murder is a large mansion and there are many images to show a murder has taken place. While playing the game it is up to the casino player to think who could be the murderer. In keeping with the game’s theme, you can enjoy a cast of characters which are the symbols for the game.

The main characters include Mr. Farmington, Miss Ellie, Dr. Van Austren, Mr. Wellington, Miss Eliza Jane Rothsby Earlton Geoffries Chatham, and Charles Covington. The murdered victim is Mr. Farmington and there is continuous suspicion cast on each of these characters in this 5 reel, 30 payline game. Other symbols include the Safe, Murdered Victim, Wall of Clues and a detective’s magnifying glass.

The clues to the game is revealed as you play through the levels of the game at an online casino. With each level, a further image clue is given such as the murder weapon, the location and the possible suspects.

Bonus Features For Who Spun It? Slots

  • The unique features of Who Spun It? slot game is not like any other game. After you have obtained the three image clues, the game triggers the bonus game. During this bonus game will allow you to point out the killer and have a chance to interrogate them. If correct, you can watch him going to jail.
  • The bonus game features for this slot game is only available for you when you play the maximum number of 30 paylines. With a spin of the reels, the game’s special clock will countdown and afterwards the Clue Collection Bonus Game will start. This is in Detective Mode and a second set of reels will appear and spin. Any detective clue symbol appearing on the reels are collected. There are three levels in the Clue Collection Bonus Game and players can collect clues in the categories of Location, Murderer and Weapon. These can be clues such as Tea, Cigarette, Gun, Knife, Dining Room and Kitchen. There are also special clue coins to collect that will convert into free spins later for you.
  • It is important to obtain at least five clues in the three categories for a chance to discover who the murderer was and Who Spun It?

Some new games can be boring, but Who Spun It? slots game does not have this problem. There is a lot of action packed activity, and the game will appeal to those who enjoy a combination of slots, murder mystery and playing detective.