Spirit of the Inca Slots

Spirit of the Inca Slots
Spirit of the Inca is one of the newest slot games from Real Time Gaming. It comes with a new type of progressive jackpot called the “boiling point jackpot”. On the top of the screen you will watch 5 jackpots of different size fire up, and the more they approximate to their trigger point the higher the chances you have to win them. Aside from this new feature its 3D graphics are amazing. But watch your pace with Spirit of the Inca, it tends to be slow with winnings sometimes but handsomely rewarding when it does.

The Reel

The slot reel is pretty much your classic style 25 pay lines with 75 free games, wild cards, scatters and the all-new 5 boiling point jackpots. You heard right, 5 jackpots. The symbols are the usual gold and jewelry aside from the special symbols like the wild and the scatter that represent the Incan royalty.

Wagering and Winnings

To start off the coin sizes are of a minimum of $0.02 to $0.20 per line. That means your maximum bet with all 25 lines would be of $5 dollars, a slot casino standard.

Take in mind that when you win with several pay lines you will only be awarded the highest of them all. The good news is the highest paying symbols only require a pair to pay out.

The Boiling Point Jackpot

There are 5 boiling point jackpots that you can visualize at the top center of your screen. See the boiling… pots? Those could be triggered at any moment during the game. The size of the pot is indicated by its name:

• Mini • Minor • Major • Maxi • Grand As you can see by the screenshot, even the Mini jackpot can pay big amounts, and of course, the Grand jackpot pays the biggest of them all. To trigger each one you need to wait for each to reach its maximum and place a maximum bet of $5 dollars, if your bet manages to tip the jackpot over the “Must Trigger” amount it is all yours. If they go off and you are not in the bet you might not be eligible for all jackpots.

Special Symbols

Spirit of the Inca: This is a wild card and it will make pairs and lines with any other symbol. It is expanding, meaning it will cover all the pay lines. If you get 2 to 5 Inca´s you win from 10 to 2,000 coins. This symbol will also activate the bonus round if it lands on reel 1 and 5. The Priestess: This is the scatter symbol which makes line with any other symbol just like the wild. Any winnings with The Priestess will count as 3x to 100x as you get more Priestess on the reel.

Bonus Game

The bonus round is activated when the Spirit of the Inca symbol lands on lines 1 and 5 in one turn. The bonus game is not as interactive as other slot games, instead you get 15 bonus cards to choose from. You get 5 picks in a bonus round. These picks will determine:

  1. How many free games you get (a maximum of 75 games).
  2. The multiplier of each free round going from 1x to 10x
  3. An additional prize that could be a wild reel or wilds on all free spins.

During the free games more free games could be triggered. So grab something to eat while you watch your wallet fatten.

More Features

Additional features include an auto-play feature that allows you to play up to 1000 spins. This feature can be adjusted to stop on wins, bonus rounds and balance levels.

Adjust the speed of the reel and sound. Some players like things in slow motion while others like to speed things up when bets are small.

How to Play

To play Spirit of the Inca just join any of our recommended casinos online and play directly from your computer, tablet and / or smartphone.

Spirit of the Inca Mobile

You can play the slot game directly from your smartphone be it iPhone, Android, Black Berry or any other device. The game fits all screen sizes properly and you can trigger the buttons with the touch of your fingers.

Final Review

Spirit of the Inca is a fairly classic slot reel with modern graphics but not much in animation or video interaction. The new feature of the Boiling Point does promise more opportunities to win big than other slots; for instance, such as when the jackpots are getting near the boiling point, it is not a bad idea to drop from time to time and slip in trying to nail the jackpots.