Orc Vs Elf Slots

Orc Vs Elf online slots is a superb fantasy themed slot that provides so much more than a traditional video slot and confronts the barriers between fantasy gaming and real money online slots play. Orc Vs Elf delivers an online slots that's themed similarly to the fantastic movie of Lord of the Rings or the fantasy games of Dungeons and Dragons and delivers absolutely wonderful graphics and brilliant animations. This slot really does change the way we look at online slots as it's just so immersive, making you feel like such a part of the game and while there are many other fantasy themed online slots around, none can match the awesome Orc Vs Elf.

Although it has such an inclusive feel to it, Orc Vs Elf is actually very simple to play and enjoy and one of the best aspects of it is that you get to pick which character you play the game as, meaning that there are two sets of features and trails to follow, which it turn means it's almost like two great slots in one.

Symbols and Features of Your Character

Getting the basics out of the way first, you will find that Orc Vs Elf is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot and all graphics are 3D, with some of the best characters you're likely to ever see in an online slot on those reels, you'll see shields, swords, battle flags, crossbows, unicorns and castles and the fun really begins when you load up the game and choose your character.

You must choose to play the game as either the Orc or the Elf and that has an impact as to what features you may trigger, and therefore the amount of cash you could actually win. There are of course wild symbols for both characters and they are the Orc and the Elf, and the scatter symbols are the Elf shields. There's different combinations of symbols that trigger the main features for each character, and depending on your chosen character you will either travel down The Trail of Orcholome or Road to Elveros, and down each path there are 7 different features, meaning that Orc Vs Elf delivers a stunning 14 slots features....an unbeatable amount.

The Paths Of Orc Vs Elf

Within the 7 features for each different path you will discover just so many winning opportunities and adventure, and should you have chosen to play as the Orc then The Trail of Orcholome serves up The Goblin's Gold feature, The Hobgoblin Bonus, The Giant Spin bonus and the awesome Chaos Spins. The Elf's path, that of the Road to Elveros will provide you with such great slots features as the Woodland Spins, the Elf Magic Bonus, the Huntsman Bonus and the Elf King Bonus and many more...there are just too many features to mention!

This outstanding Orc Vs Elf really does take RTG online slots to a new level, and something that we've not seen before. The only problem is that now they've delivered something this special, they need to keep this sort of thing coming! Give Elf Vs Orc a spin or two, we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with what you see!