SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking - A New Convenient and Secure Casino Banking Method

There’s a new way to make safe and secure online casino deposits, and SOFORT is a method that requires no inputting of credit card details and all the security that you could ask for. SOFORT is an online direct payment option that many online casinos have started to use, and as well as not needing to input credit or debit card details, neither do you need to open an e-wallet account.

How SOFORT Works

SOFORT Banking allows you to make online purchases and deposits into online casinos by simply entering your online banking details, and almost all major banks are supported. It transfers your funds immediately in a secured data transferral and all you need to do to facilitate the cash transfer is enter your bank sort code and your usual online banking details, and the secure SOFORT software does the rest. Your transfer is complete once you’ve entered your personal security code, allowing you to see the funds in the SOFORT casino of your choice.

You may do all of this without even needing to register a SOFORT account as all you need are your online banking details, and the confirmation code or a HBCI card...the card that you would usually use when making any online transaction at your bank.

Fast and Convenient

When using SOFORT Banking the funds transfer is instant, just like using a credit card or an e-wallet such as Paypal or Neteller, however the big differences are that unlike an e-wallet, no funding of a SOFORT account is required, and the funds are taken directly from your bank account. You can easily see how it works by using the free demo on the SOFORT site, and each transaction will provide you with a transaction ID so you know exactly what you’ve spent.

SOFORT security measures mean that everything is fully encrypted and an Approved Payment System certificate has been awarded to the company. Using SOFORT also means that your casino does not have your banking details or credit card details, giving you a little extra peace of mind. There are a growing number of casinos now accepting this payment method, and with no credit card being required, no e-wallet account needing to be opened, and no bank details being passed to the casino, then we can see why many online slots and casino games players would find it so appealing.