Extra Juicy Slots

Some slot titles are released to much fanfare, implode quickly and find itself in many a online casino lobby collecting figurative dust and some titles are released quietly but are destined to become popular and bring something new to the table of online casinos and Extra Juicy Slots most definitely fits into the second description . At first glance, this title seems to bring nothing new or anything that could be used for positive press, but upon a second examination, there is much more than meets the eye with this title, as its strengths lay well below the viewable assets that this slot bring.

Basic Rendering and Bright Colors

The title of the slot leaves no room for any imagination but turns up the color tro give bettors the feel of the bright lights on the Vegas Strip or any other land-based betting institutions. Slot spinners will find many kinds of fruit on the reels, as well as a couple of symbols that have been in use at casinos. Players will only find the diamond symbol on reels one, three and five and symbols of cherries, berries, lemons, oranges, plums and watermelons. While the developers didn’t give the game the fresh new look that you would expect from an up and coming developer such as Pragmatic Play, the colors will draw in players that normally wouldn’t give this type of slot title the time of day.

Single Coin per Payline Limits Betting on Slot Title

Many of today’s slot titles limit bettors to one coin per payline wagered and games like Extra Juicy Slots that only have coin sizes that go up to $0,50 can put some serious restrictions on those that prefer to make large wagers. Small betters will have no problem with this, making this title a great option for online slot enthusiasts who may be on a very small budget. The max wager for one spin of this slot game is a mere $50 and while this may seem excessive to some, others might consider that not enough money for lunch.

Progressive Modifier Brings Vast Potential

The single bonus game that inhabits Very Juicy Slots is called Progressive Modifiers Free Spins Round and this is where players will find this game an interesting choice for some. When the bonus game is triggered, the bettor will be awarded 12 free games and those considering to give this one a try will more than likely not walk away disappointed. The twelve free spins awarded by the bonus feature can be retriggered four times, giving a player the potential to receive 60 free games on one wager but that is not the only characteristic of the bonus round that can score a bigger payday than most. The first spin receives a 1X modifier and for each free spin, the modifier goes up by one; it is possible for a spin of the reels to come with a 60X modifier.

Potential Hidden Beneath the Surface of Extra Juicy

A cursory glance may give the impression that this games does not have anything tangible to offer those play online. That would be a mistake, this is a slot that players must be willing to peel back the top layer to admire and appreciate.this online gem. The look of a slot can give false impressions to players who have little experience, causing them to skip it over due to the look of the game. This is more the boy picks homely girl up for prom and finds out he has a beautiful butterfly under the glasses and weird looking hair.