Pulsar Slots

Online casino enthusiasts who are ready for a game that’s out of this world won’t want to miss the fun on the reels in Pulsar Slots. Featuring flexible betting, cascading wins, an original bonus round and a unique structure to the reels, Pulsar Slots has a lot to offer every gambler.

Brought to Players by RTG

RTG, the developer responsible for a wide range of incredible, exciting games, may have struck gold once again with the creation of Pulsar Slots. As one of the longest-operating software developers around, RTG knows how to satisfy the players it serves. Known for exciting themes, excellent graphics and a wide range of innovative bonus rounds, RTG fans are certain to be satisfied with what they find on the reels in Pulsar Slots.

Pulsar Slots Demo Play: A Taste of the Fun

Gamblers who find themselves in search of the opportunity to spin the reels in the demo version of Pulsar Slots won’t have to look too far to find what they seek. Typically available through the developer’s website, third-party pages and even at casinos featuring RTG games, finding the demo of Pulsar Slots is simple. With so many options available for exploring the game, players will have plenty of chances to check it out before they begin placing real money wagers.

Designed Around an Outer Space Theme

One glance at the reels in Pulsar Slots will quickly reveal the game’s theme to players, but what may not be quite as obvious is the fact that the developer really embraced the theme. Going the extra mile to ensure that a fairly common theme stood out among dozens of games revolving around outer space, RTG managed to create a visually stunning slot that offers some unique graphics and uncommon gameplay. First and foremost, the reels in Pulsar Slots don’t spin: Instead, players will see each icon blast on to the screen with a laser beam. Similarly, the game’s background takes players into the starry realms of the heavens, offering them the chance to score huge wins as they go. The relatively small symbol set depicts typical icons like the asteroid, planets and sun; the special icons used in the bonus round include green, blue, pink and red neutron stars.

Game Setup in Pulsar Slots

Pulsar Slots is a 5-reel, video bonus slot with 20 fixed paylines. Gamblers, however, will be pleased to see that the title eschews the convention structure of slot, instead offering honeycomb-shaped symbols on reels that are offset from one another. While the changes in game setup are fairly minor, they make this RTG game one that every player will enjoy.

Betting Options in the Game

Real money players who are curious about the betting options in Pulsar Slots have come to the right place. Coin sizes in the game range from $0.01 to $1.00 per line in the 20-payline game. Because the paylines are fixed, gamblers will need to plan on wagering anywhere from $0.20 to $20 on each spin of the reels in Pulsar Slots.

Using the Paytable

The paytable in Pulsar Slots offers gamblers information on the payouts available for different winning combinations in addition to showing every symbol in the game. Of course, the game’s special features, winways and rules are also available for viewing on the paytable, making it a very useful resource for both new and veteran players of online slots like Pulsar.

Cascading Wins and the Neutron Stars Feature

  • While occasionally appearing under a different name, most players are familiar with the concept of cascading wins. Simply put, slots with cascading wins remove winning combinations from the reels and replace those symbols with new ones; this continues until there are no winning combinations left on the screen. Not only does the cascading wins feature offer multiple chances to win under a single wager, it accommodates those slot players who also enjoy match three-style gaming.
  • The Neutron Stars Feature is bonus round in Pulsar Slots, and it offers plenty in the way of winning potential. The symbols involved in the bonus feature are Neutron Stars, and they come in a variety of colors, including green, blue, pink and red; these icons appear on the reels at random and remain in place until they explode. Once present on the reels, the Neutron Stars will be randomly assigned a number that falls between one and three; this number indicates the countdown and will decrease by one during each spin or cascading wins. When the icon finally explodes, it takes a number of symbols with it, creating the potential for huge wins as it does. The color of the exploding star determines the pattern followed when it finally detonates. Green neutron stars explode from left to right, blue stars explode downward from above, pink stars take out everything above, below, left and right of the original symbol while red stars follow an “X” pattern.

RTP and Game Rating in Pulsar Slots

While we’re not yet aware of the RTP in Pulsar Slots, RTG’s long history of producing, games with a return-to-player rate of 96 percent or higher give us hope that like its predecessors, Pulsar will give gamblers plenty of chances to win and win big. Similarly, the game’s popularity rating is currently quite low; however, the history of massively popular slot titles from developer RTG make it almost certain that Pulsar will be greeted with the warm enthusiasm that welcomed so many other games from the developer’s studio. Keep an eye on the headlines of your favorite gambling sites to learn more about the game and to be among the first to hear about any big wins produced by the title.

Play for Fun or for Real Money

Like the entire RTG portfolio, online casino gamblers will have the option of spinning the reels in Pulsar Slots for real money or for fun. While real money bettors can look forward to potentially taking home a huge jackpot, those who are simply interested in the game for its ability to entertain will also be extremely satisfied with what they find on the reels in Pulsar; regardless of whether gamers are betting cash or enjoying the slot in practice play mode, this is one title that has something for everyone.

Pulsar Slots is Mobile Friendly

Today’s slot developers have a lot to gain by creating games that are ready to go on the mobile platform, and as it has in so many other ways, RTG has delivered on that point time and again. Perfect for instant play casino users as well as those who prefer to connect to games with Android and iOS devices, players are certain to enjoy spinning the reels in Pulsar Slots.