Mermaid's Pearls Slots

Online casino enthusiasts who have been playing for a while will undoubtedly recognize developer RTG’s high-quality, elegant design style on the reels of the company’s latest game, Mermaid’s Pearls. RTG has been producing incredible entertainment that gamblers love since its inception in 1998, and every year brings bigger and better titles. With more than 300 games in its portfolio, it’s safe to say that the RTG team possesses the skills and experience to create hit after hit.

Demo Play is Free and Easy

While gamblers cannot look forward to taking home huge wins when it comes to checking out RTG titles like Mermaid’s Pearls in demo mode, they can use free play sessions like these to better determine whether or not real-money play is for them. By making it not only possible but easy to check out new games like Mermaid’s Pearl in demo mode, developers like RTG are ensuring that their players never have to wager blindly. The demo version of Mermaid’s Pearls can be experienced at most RTG casinos and on a variety of third-party websites.

Dive Deep in Mermaid’s Pearls

Gamblers who are in search of their opportunity to cash in on the thrills found below the surface won’t want to miss the fun in Mermaid’s Pearls Slots. Featuring an underwater theme and many of the things that come with it, players will never again look at the ocean in the same way. This gorgeously designed slot title actually makes it feel as though one is peering down into a entirely new world below the surface.

Rich, Vivid Graphics and a Whole Lot More

The impeccable design found on the reels in Mermaid’s Pearls Slots is standard fare for RTG; however, this is not to imply that the game’s appearance is anything less than stellar. While some online casino developers skimp on graphics, those users who have encountered RTG games in the past know that they can expect the best when cashing in on the thrills in titles like Mermaid’s Pearls. Among the icons on the reels in the game, players will find several different conch shells, pearls and mermaids. Perhaps the most notable feature of this symbol set is the fact that Taiwanese web personality and model, Web J Sprite, IS the mermaid in the game; both talented and beautiful, this representation of a stunning underwater creature will undoubtedly bring gamblers to the reels.

Mermaid’s Pearls Slot Classification

At its most basic level, Mermaid’s Pearls can be classified as 5-reel video slot with a bonus round. While this information doesn’t look like much, it actually tells gamblers that they are about to enjoy a game that follows the pattern of most of today’s modern slots.

An Unprecedented Number of Paylines

Online casino gamblers are accustomed to spinning the reels with paylines that normally range between 1 and 50, but those who opt to play Mermaid’s Pearls are in for a surprise: the game features an astounding 3,125 lines. An all-ways-pay game, users will have the opportunity to score big wins without the conventional restrictions regarding where those paying symbols have to land. Players in search of a new approach to slot play won’t want to miss the exciting structure in Mermaid’s Pearls.

Betting Options and the Paytable

The betting options in Mermaid’s Pearls are still somewhat unclear, but gamblers should know that the title’s main coin size comes in at a modest $0.10; while the exact structure of wagering in the game is not yet known, RTG is known for providing plenty of excellent betting options that can accommodate users with nearly any size of an entertainment budget. Similarly, the paytable has not been fully revealed; however, we can tell our readers that the top payout in the game is a massive 12,500. Players can look for the paytable in the game controls to the right of the reels on computers and below the reels on smartphones.

The Pearls at the Heart of the Bonus Round

Online casino players who have been paying attention to the information released about Mermaid’s Pearls are probably already aware of the fact that the mention of pearls in the title reveals quite a bit about the game. Whenever gamblers spin the reels in this slot, they will see up to 25 pearls on the game screen; these will be collected as credit toward bonus features in Mermaid’s Pearls.
  • 300 pearls have the potential to trigger the Shipwreck Bonus Round. Once initiated, this pick-and-win game will allow gamblers to select prizes on the second screen that loaded when the feature was launched.
  • 600 pearls will provide players with the opportunity to cash in on 10 free spins; however, these aren’t average free games. Once the 10 free spins begin, gamblers will see only blank icons and pearls on the reels. While the blanks are in no way useful, the pearls will later reveal multipliers that fall between one and five times; these prizes will then be awarded at the end of the feature. Considering the fact that the game offers an astounding number of pearls under almost any circumstances, this round has the potential to really pay off.

The RTP in Mermaid’s Pearls

Experienced slot players know that the “RTP” in a game is referring to what is known as the return-to-player. For those who have not encounter the phrase before, the RTP in a slot is simply the average percentage of monies wagered that are returned to players in the form of winning payouts. For instance, the RTP in Mermaid’s Pearls is 98.9 percent, suggesting that out of every $100 wagered on the game, gamblers will see $98.90 paid in out prize money. A word to the wise, however: The RTP is an aggregate; simply put, not every gambler will see a return like this on their wagers. As always, we encourage our readers to gamble responsibly.

Mermaid’s Pearls: Already Making a Splash

With such high levels of anticipation having surrounded the announcement of Mermaid’s Pearls, it’s unsurprising that the title is already massively popular. Rated at a 10 out of 10 in terms of player interest, it’s already clear that the high expectations gamers have for RTG titles are in place for Mermaid’s Pearls as well. Since RTG is not known for disappointing its audience, it’s a good bet that like so many others, Mermaid’s Pearls will quickly rise to the top.

Play for Fun or for Money

Like all of the games released by RTG, Mermaid’s Pearls will be available for both fun and real-money play. By making it possible to cash in on the thrills of the game without requiring a monetary wager, RTG proves once again that it’s truly in the business of providing exceptional entertainment. Of course, those gamblers who do wish to wager real money will have plenty of chances to do so; this could lead to high levels of excitement and some pretty incredible payouts.

Mobile Access is Available

While diving for actual pearls is quite the undertaking, those gamblers who wish to seek their own fortune on the reels of Mermaid’s Pearls can do so virtually anywhere thanks to the advent of mobile casino entertainment. Available for both iOS and Android, Mermaid’s Pearls can literally be taken on the go anywhere that gamblers can connect to the web via wifi or mobile data. Gamblers won’t want to miss their chance to cash in on some pretty incredible entertainment.