The Elf Wars Slots

The Elf Wars is the continuation of the story of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s revolt against Santa Claus in his attempt to take over the North Pole and control the Christmas present trade. The elves at the North Pole have split into two factions; the good elves have sided with Santa, while the evil elves have aligned themselves with the rebel Rudolph. Players can take advantage of the discord at the North Pole and possibly walk away with some cold hard cash.

A Holiday Present Minefield

The war between Santa and Rudolph is in full swing and symbols on the reels tell the story; there is a nine to Ace symbols that look like wrapped Christmas presents, Santa’s new rocket-powered sled and other festive symbols. The good elf and the bad elf symbols bring one of the game’s four, yes four, different bonus rounds; two to five of the same elf on the reels also acts as a paying scatter too. Santa and Rudolph are the title’s two wild symbols and can replace all symbols on the reels with the exception of the bad elves and the good elves.

Betting on Good and Evil

The Elf Wars slot has five reels and a whopping 50 paylines of excitement and potential cash winnings; players can also wager an extra 20 percent of their per-spin wager to trigger the Feature Guarantee that will ensure that a player will see the bonus round trigger on the reels after a maximum of 150 paid spins. Coin size in The Elf Wars starts at $0.01 and go to a maximum of $5; with 50 paylines that can mean a single spin price of $0.50 to $250.

Multiple Bonus Features

  • The Elf Wars boasts four different bonus games that are triggered by both the good and bad elves; the two sets of elves may also award the scatter that can be worth 2X to 100X the bet placed. Three of either good or bad elves will trigger one of the four bonus rounds:
  • Rudolph’s Rampage will give the chance to find three elves among the wreckage of Santa’s workshop as quickly as possible; the quicker they are found, the more free spins will be awarded. If any of the elves are bearing gifts, a special bonus will be added.
  • Rudolph’s Revenge will award the bettor with seven free spins with a 2X multiplier that increases if Rudolph lands on the reels; if the game is triggered with four or more bad elves, they too will act as a wild symbol and three in one spin will retrigger the seven free spins.
  • Santa Strikes Back awards seven free spins and the Santa, Good Elves and North Pole Symbols light up the stars at the top of the reels when they appear. If all the stars light up, another seven spins are awarded and the multiplier will increase by one; up to 63 free games and attain a 9X multiplier are possible.
  • Jackpot Spins is the final bonus feature and holds the greatest potential for the big win; the player will have one, two or three spins on a segmented wheel. Gamblers may be awarded a cash prize based on the wager, a chance to play the Santa Strikes Back bonus feature and finally the big prize, the Progressive Jackpot.

Not the Typical Christmas-Themed Slot

While the story behind this slot is made in jest, the winning potential of this title is almost limitless and the excitement that it can generate will have players’ hearts beating fast as the reels spin. Get started today for your chance to win.