Burnley Fever Slots

While Americans may be more comfortable with referring to the sport in RTG’s incredible new game, Burnley Fever, as soccer, the name of the game is far less important than what’s happening on the reels of this magnificent slot. For gamblers unfamiliar with the developer, the company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998; relocating to Costa Rica between 2007 and 2008, the development team never once ceased in its efforts to continue providing incredible, exciting action to online casino enthusiasts. While RTG boasts a wide range of different types of games, the slot titles seem to be the company’s specialty; offering series-style games, complete with sequels in some instances, innovative bonus rounds and a host of themes that will delight any player, it’s clear that RTG, the developer responsible for Burnley Fever, has plenty to offer the gamblers who love the company’s games.

Playing the Burnley Fever Demo

Checking out the demo of a game is one of the most exciting parts of any new slot release, and this holds true with Burnley Fever. Available on the developer’s website as well as a few other places online, demo play is a fantastic means of not only spinning the reels for free, but determining whether or not real-money play is something that gamers’ wish to experience.

Fantastic Football Fun Awaits

Clearly, the theme in Burnley Fever Slots is one surrounding athletics, or more specifically, football. The symbol set in the game is more or less what gamblers would except, and includes rich, detail-oriented graphics that include the Player, Goaltender, Referee, Football Boots, Goalkeeper’s Gloves, Jersey, Club Badge, Fan’s Scarf, Trophy and Seasonal Game Pass. The Ball in the game is wild, and in addition to serving as a substitute symbol for almost every other icon, it acts as a 2x multiplier when it completes a winning payline. The scatter is the other special symbol in the game, and gamblers will recognize it immediately since it’s the Mascot.

Graphical and Gameplay Design

As mentioned above, the graphics in Burnley Fever are rather attractive; they’re also surprisingly realistic, which is a nice change from a lot of football-themed slots. The reels are set in a background appropriately depicting a stadium, and players will also be pleased with its appearance. The design that went into gameplay in Burnley Fever is also excellent. Rather than requiring every gambler to approach the game in the same way, the team in the RTG studio instead made it possible to play in one of two different modes; the differences between the two are largely found in the bonus round.

Basic Game Mechanics

Classifying a slot game is a good way for gamblers to get a clear idea on what they’ll encounter when the title loads on their screens. In the case of Burnley Fever Slots, players will find that the title is a 5-reel, bonus progressive slot with 50 paylines just awaiting the bets that gamers will be excited to place. The fact that the game offers 50 lines is important when it comes to choosing a wager size and cashing in on those incredible prizes that await on the reels and in the multi-faceted bonus feature.

Betting Options in Burnley Fever

While there are plenty of opportunities to demo Burnley Fever, those gamblers who wish to place a bet on the reels will need to have an idea of how to go about doing so. Coin sizes in the title $0.01 to $5.00 per line, and players may wager just one coin per line. Players should remember that the paylines in the game are fixed; having to cover all 50 lines may impact gamblers’ choice on which coin size to select. The smallest and largest bets available in Burnley Fever are $0.50 and $250, respectively.

A Paytable Full of Game Information

Locating the paytable in Burnley Fever is easy. Below the reels and on the right hand side, players will see the three grouped lines that typically identify the settings in most online games and in browsers; tapping or clicking on these lines will reveal and menu, and selecting the “Info” option will open the paytable for the game. Of course, players may also be interesting in knowing about some of the largest payouts in the game; three, four or five Player icons will offer a win of 500, 300 or 75 coins, respectively. The second largest normal payline win is awarded when players see three, four or five Club Badge icons, which pay 500, 200 or 50 coins, respectively. Should the wild Ball complete a payline win, gamblers will see their payout doubled; this could create some pretty amazing potential for huge prizes in Burnley Fever.

Free Spins, Bonus Wins and the Progressive Jackpot

While we would normally separate the information on the free spins feature and the bonus round in a slot review, the two are too closely connected to do so when describing Burnley Fever. The features have nothing to do with the progressive jackpot, of course, but we know our readers are also excited to learn about that, so check out each of the bullets below.
  • While gamblers playing in Lucky Mode could potentially see the free spins feature initiate randomly at the end of any paid spin, they will receive only eight games and no multiplier. Those who opt to wager in Burnley Mode, however, will trigger the round when they land three, four or five scattered Mascot symbols anywhere on the reels; in addition to offering a payout of 2, 10 or 500 coins, the scatters could also leave gamblers with 8, 10 to 25, or 50 to 100 free games. Burnley Mode players also receive a 3x multiplier on any winnings accrued in the round, and gamblers could retrigger the feature; those who land the appropriate combination of symbols to restart the round will receive the same number of free spins as they did the first time around.
  • The Penalty Kick Bonus Round is the final part of the feature, and gamblers will find that it begins when they see the Bonus Ball appear on all reels during a free game; once initiated, the feature awards the player a series of penalty kicks, and the more goals scored, the higher the multiplier associated with the base prize. The maximum number of penalty kicks is eight, and after players hit them all or missed twice, the Gold Bonus Ball appears; once gamblers see it, their prize will be tripled, and if it appears a second time, their prize will be tripled again. Don’t miss this amazing feature found only in Burnley Mode.
  • The progressive is another exciting feature that gamblers will find in Burnley Fever Slots. Gamblers who spin the reels in this slot will not only find that they’re on track to land themselves a major or a minor jackpot, they’ll have the opportunity to win it randomly; simply put, the major or minor progressive in Burnley Fever requires no special wager or combination on the game screen.

Available to Mobile Players

Online casino gamblers who just don’t have a lot of time for sitting at home and spinning the reels will be pleased to discover that they can cash in on the fun of the game and strive for those top prizes virtually anywhere. Available for both Android and iOS users, the mobile platform makes sense for those players who like to take their slot machine action on the go. In addition to a compatible device, gamblers need nothing other than a solid WiFi or mobile data connection to get started.

Spin for Fun or Money

Another beautiful feature of Burnley Fever Slots is concealed within the fact that gamblers can play the game for fun or for money. From demo play to cashing in with casino bonuses, there are plenty of options for every gambler who wants to spin to win without spending their hard-earned cash. Those who take a more standard approach to playing for real money will that they can do so at a wide range of reputable casinos, and that there are a wide variety of wagering options to suit betting to their personal style of play.

Highly Popular and a Great RTP

Those who have already played Burnley Fever will understand the reasons that other gamblers love the game; from the immersive gameplay, huge bonus potential and awesome graphics to the incredible theme, amazing wins and progressives, this title is simply unforgettable. Already rated a 10/10 on the popularity scale, possessing an estimated RTP of 95 percent and ready to do its part in making real-money players rich, Burnley Fever is one RTG slot gamblers are going to love. Don’t miss your chance to spin and win with this amazing game.