777 Slots

Fans of slot titles with only three reels and an old school slot vibe will be pleased to hear that RealTime Gaming, or RTG, is preparing to release their newest offering, 777 Slots. Players should note that while the reels have that classic look of bars and sevens, this is a fully modernized slot title. The resurgence in three reel slots online has created some great modern slot titles and 777 Slots looks like yet another entertaining offering with a vintage look.

RTG Continues to be a Leader in a Quickly Growing Industry

RTG is one of the first developers who have had long term success in an industry that is just now beginning to hit its stride and continues to have a positive effect on the online gaming world. There are companies who release new titles at a rapid rate and other developers who release extravagant and beautiful games with a long wait time for the newest title; RTG has found a balance in the online betting industry that keeps many happy with high-quality and sometimes groundbreaking titles released at a fair and consistent rate.

A Retro Theme with a Modern Feel

While many modern game designs focus on certain themes and use modern pop culture to draw in players, RTG has hidden the modern features of 777 Slots and has managed to create an entirely modern game with one of the most basic look and visuals possible. The game design of 777 Slots uses modern graphics, a bonus game and a progressive jackpot to give the game a fully modern feel.

Single Payline Limits Betting Options

The number one complaint of modern players in regards to 3-reel slots is that many have only a single payline to wager when many players are used to the large number of paylines that most modern games possess. Some developers allow the wager of more than one coin per payline slot titles with only one to three paylines and RTG does this by allowing bettors to wager up to five coins on that single payline. But players who like to wager larger amounts of money will quickly note that the highest coin size allowable for play on this title is $1.00, which in turn limits the game with an absolutely largest wager,,, of $5 per spin of the reels on this title. Large bettors may enjoy the theme and play of this title, but they may have to go elsewhere in order to make the size of bets they wish.

A Very Small Paytable with Large Possibilities

777 Slots has only seven ways to win on the paytable but it is not the only opportunity that this slot title gives to its players. While nothing specific has been released by RTG, the game will feature a bonus round and a progressive jackpot that give the slot more big win potential. There is no mention of a free spins round or multipliers in this title. Some online slot spinners will find this too restrictive of a slot title, but others find the games parameters just the right size for their enjoyment.

Play with No Risk on a Mobile Device

Many casinos allow players to spin the reels with play money but may require players to at the very least, register at the casino. Many developers allow players to try their finished games with play money on the company site. 777 Slots will be mobile friendly for both iOS and Android users and will be playable through a cell or Wi-Fi link to the internet. Many players will find 777 Slots too restrictive, unexciting and drab; others will enjoy the fresh take on an old style of slot that 777 brings to the internet,