Popping Pinatas Slots

The latest slot by Rival gaming, Popping Pinatas Slots can provide a colorful fiesta on the reels of this 5-reel, 50-payline slot with two bonus rounds, multiple wilds and a scatter that triggers a day or night feature on the reels. While a south of the border-themed slot title is not a brand new idea, it is one that hasn’t been done to death like some other themes this reviewer could mention. With some of the best graphics seen on a game by this developer, background music that is pleasant to listen to while spinning the reels and the multiple bonus content of this title Rival has given this genre of slot a great addition with this title.

The Party is Nothing Without Pequeno

The fiesta is ready to go but where is the puppy Pequenp? The little white dog has come up missing and the music and festivities do not feel the same without him. Pancho the trumpet player, the guitar playing Pepe and Catalina the dancer are ready for the festivities. All three can be found on the reels with trumpet and guitar symbols; other symbols include maracas, a pinata, sombreros, tequila bottles, and spicy peppers that come in green, red and yellow for the lesser wins. The skull with a sombrero is the scatter symbol and pays up to 10x the bet and it also riggers the night round. The white puppy is the wild during the day rounds and the toucan is the wild during the night spins on the reels. The pinatas trigger the day time bonus round and the Pequeno symbol triggers the night time bonus round.

A Fun Fifty Paylines to Wager on with Popping Pinatas

Pcds_opping Pinatas Slots has 50 paylines that players can make wagers on and get big wins; with a minimum of $0.01 to be wagered on each line, players can spin the reels of this game with max lines for a mere $0.50. Big bettors may find the max coin size of $1 and maxs spin wager of $50 to be a little on the small side but much like the hero of this game Pequeno, a small puppy that packs a big punch. The RTP for Popping Pinatas is 94.35 percent and while that is a little low, it's worth a try regardless.

A Fiesta that Runs All Day and All Night

As mentioned earlier, this game features a day mode and night mode of play that is triggered when three or more of the paying scatter symbols appear on the reels. The shifting from day to night mode has two major effects on the game. During the day the white puppy symbol acts as the wild and in night mode the toucan is the wild symbol.; both wilds can take the place of all normal symbols on the reels. When the game is in day mode, the pinata triggers the Popping Pinata Bonus where players can choose symbols and win prizes. Our intrepid hero Pequeno can be found on the reels during night mode and when three of them are found it triggers the Find Pequeno bpmis ga,e where players again pick symbols to win prizes but can also win the chance to play the Popping Pinata Bonus that is featured during the day mode for an even bigger chance to win a big payday.

A Slot Title that has Much to Offer Online Players

Popping Pinata Slots may be one the developers biggest wins in the last year or two and it is easy to see that a lot of work went into this title. The graphics are top notch, the background music is neither repetitive mor boring and the two modes of day and night create a slot that has much to offer all online slot bettors. The Mexican fiesta theme is not a new one, Rival has added a genuinely good title to the genre. Players looking for a colorful and enjoyable title will enjoy Popping Pinata Slots at their favorite Rival casino.