Gold Hunter Slots

Booming Games has developed an online slot game called Gold Hunter. This is a 5-reel, ten-payline slot with a high volatility and a RTP of 95.5 percent. With its gold mining theme, this slot has a wild multiplier reel and free spins as bonuses.

Find Out More About the Game

Although Gold Hunter has ten paylines, it's not your typical five-reel slot machine. Four minor cards and three major themes are present, as well as two wild symbols. While one of them is a standard substitute, the other adds multipliers to the entire fifth reel for an extra element of excitement and winning potential.

Theme and Design

There is a lot of beauty, value, and rarity in gold. Throughout history, we have been captivated by this precious metal and have attempted to locate it in many ways, just like the Where's the Gold slot.

This is what Gold Hunter appeals to because it puts you inside a mine, where you will find the dull brown of wood and dirt combined with that unmistakable golden gleam to give you hope of finding the same wealth on the reels. It is this cart-on-the-rails dynamic that makes the graphics even more exciting since each reel represents a position on the reels, which moves along as you transport your treasure - but watch out for the dynamite!

It includes beeps and whirls from a traditional slot machine, clinks from pickaxes, noise from moving carts, and shouts from successful miners.

Online Variance and RTP for Gold Hunter

There is no guarantee that slot players will be able to find gold when you are looking for gold, as both miners and slot players know. The return on play (RTP) indicates the likely average return of an extended session. Gold Hunter's 95,5 percent may appear low by modern standards, however, it doesn't mean you can't win big. The high variance may also make winning more difficult, but it can also drive those winnings up.

Gold Hunter: Understanding Gameplay

It is time for players to see what the game has to offer with a helmet and lamp:

The menu, which is the topmost of several buttons on the right side of the screen, is the first thing you will want to check out. Most of the options are here, including the autospin, game history, full-screen mode, and settings. There are toggles for auto-adjusting your bet, turning on and off left-handed mode, and changing the language by pressing the spacebar.

Players may access the paytable by clicking on the info button underneath the menu button. Two pages are provided, one containing an in-depth explanation of the game rules and another listing the payouts. The rightmost button in this stack is one more. When you click it, players are presented with a page listing all the different levels of bet.

There is also a place in the bottom left corner of the screen where you can adjust your bet. A bet button lets you set a direct bet amount, and the adjuster lets you adjust one level at a time by using plus and minus symbols. You can also see how much you are betting right now.

In addition to showing your current bet, the bottom of the screen also shows your current balance. Keeping your budget in mind before you begin playing is essential to avoiding chasing losses and keeping the game fun. It might seem that everything has now been set up, but if you click on the tab next to the spin button, you will find turbo mode, autospin (50 automatic spins), bet max, and music and sound mute buttons.

By clicking the big spin button, you have gone through all of this. You can also access more extensive autospin controls from the menu, including win and loss limits.

Sizes of Wagers and Wins

Betting ranges from 0.10 to 200.00, which is pretty impressive.

Paylines are formed when three or more symbols are matched across them. If you match three or five symbols, you will automatically trigger the fifth multiplier reel. You can adjust the paytable to match your bet, but the value of each symbol starts at 0.04. Some of the symbols include the Queen King, Jack, Ace, Lamp, Gold Nugget, and the Miner.

Bonus Reel of Wild Multipliers

Rather than having regular symbols, Gold Hunter's fifth reel is filled with wild multipliers ranging from 2x to 50x. When four symbols match, the wild on the fifth reel completes the line and multiplies your winnings. The potential rewards are increased in this way.

Spins for Free and Fun

With the chance of free spins always a thrill, the free spins round is just like what you'd find in another slot. You will receive three free spins for three scatter symbols, and seven free spins for four scatter symbols.

The Reason to Try Gold Hunter

With a setting and theme fully realized and filled with the gleam of gold, Gold Hunter is an immersive game. The wild multiplier reel is the most exciting feature of the game, which is a different and exciting way to increase your chances of winning. The Gold Hunter slot from Booming Games is a good example of a slot for new and experienced players to try.