Free Kick Slots

Whether they call it football or soccer, slot playing fans of the sport are excited about the upcoming World Cup and are searching for slot titles to fill the time between the matches; Free Kick Slots by developer Cryptologic is a great choice for those looking for a title with the same intensity. Free Kick is a 5-reel, 9-payline slot that pays both left to right and right to left, giving bettors more of a chance to score that big payday win. The game also boasts two bonus features, a yellow card scatter and a red card scatter, that can lead to massive multipliers and lucrative wins.

A Colorful Option For Fans of the Sport

The sport is a brightly colored activity with colorful uniforms on the field and the stands are full of fans decked out in their favorite team colors; the slot title uses color well in the symbols of players, fans, officials, uniforms and whistles. The yellow and red cards trigger the two bonus features and the ball acts as a wild that can replace any symbol except the red and yellow cards and can be found on the second, third and fourth reels of the slot.

A Great Choice for Moderate Bettors

The lack of very small and very large coin sizes make Free Kick a bit of a restrictive wager; coin sizes start at $0.10 and max out at $5. The inability to bet more than one coin per payline does nothing to give players more options. Bettors who can work with the tight betting system that limits wagers on all nine paylines from $0.90 to $45 may find themselves returning to this option again and again.

Extensive Bonus Play Makes this Game a Winner

Free Kick Slots uses the dreaded yellow and red penalty cards to trigger this title’s bonus features and they can really bring the excitement when they land on the reels. The red and yellow cards will both return the original wager when two red or two yellow cards fall anywhere on the reels but three or more of one color are needed to trigger the Shots on Goal Feature. Three or more yellow cards anywhere on the reels will result in five shots on goal and bet multipliers of 5X, 10X and 100X for three, four and five yellow cards respectively. The red cards will award a multiplier of 5X for three cards, 20X for four cards and 200X if five red cards are on the reels. Three of either card also triggers the Shot on Goal feature that awards five shots for the yellow cards and eight shots for the red cards; players must choose a corner of the net for each shot on goal and a successful shot results in 3X the bet for the yellow and 5X the bet when triggered by the red cards.

A Slot with the Excitement of a Title Game

Fans of the sport will love the level of intensity that this slot option can bring; Free Kick can be a profitable time killer between big matches and at the half. Free Kick Slots is full of the same potential that each match brings to the pitch and is not only a great choice for fans of the sport but for any adrenaline-addicted slot spinner.